In this blog, we have written hundreds of posts on the customer experience. Here, we cover how to personally connect with customers.


From How to Personally Connect with Customers is a leading virtual receptionist and client engagement service company. It recently reported on today’s topic.

According to’s marketing vice-president, Maddy Martin:

The below guide will help your business build personal connections. Which will strengthen your customers’ trust. As well  as increase your customer retention rate (translation: loyalty!).

View our infographic for some important takeaways and actionable steps. Plus statistics to help you remember just how impactful these changes will be for your business.

Ten Tips

  1. Respond to feedback.
  2. Actively listen.
  3. Be conversational
  4. Follow up immediately.
  5. Research relationships.
  6. Incorporate the mirroring technique.
  7. Send personalized notes.
  8. Reward customers.
  9. Implement empathy maps.
  10. Always follow through.

Actively Listen

Active listening means intently absorbing the customer’s problems, needs, and pain points. Then, take that information and provide a targeted solution. 

How to Personally Connect with Customers

Use the Mirroring Technique

Part of creating personal connections with customers means building rapport. One way to build camaraderie is to mirror the customer’s tone of voice, volume, and body language.

How to Personally Connect with Customers

Apply an Empathy Map

Empathy maps are a collaborative tool. That customer experience (CX) departments can use to gain insight into their customers’ thought processes.

How to Personally Connect with Customers

Infographic Synopsis

For a summary of the above tips and intriguing statistics on customer trust, read our infographic .

How to Personally Connect with Customers

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