As we head into 2022, with the explosion of the Omicron variant of COVID at hand, firms must strive to have a high level of employee morale in confusing times. A big challenge for two years now. In this post, we look at how to optimize employee engagement and team culture.

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Infographics to Inspire Employee Engagement and Team Culture


Employee Engagement

Employee disengagement has been a big problem due to the pandemic. So, what can be done to encourage employee engagement — wherever people work?

As HR Morning notes:

Employee engagement is like the great white whale of HR. Everyone knows what it looks like. But not many people know how to foster it in staff members. Here’s some insight into what’s needed for employees to be engaged and how companies can encourage greater engagement. The information comes via an infographic courtesy of global business services company Ceridian It includes the three main factors of engagement, the three elements needed for engagement, what engagement is not and the overall benefits of an engaged workforce.

Employee Engagement and Team Culture 

Team Culture

Another important management task is to encourage positive interactions among employees. With that in mind, review the following infographic on enhancing team culture.

Employee Engagement and Team Culture

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