Over the years, we have presented more than 400 posts on shopping, including the evolution of retailing formats. During the pandemic, there have been many negative results for certain retailers. While others flourished. But which strategy changes will be temporary or ongoing? Such as the boom in online shopping. What about the role of the store by 2040?


What’s Ahead: The Role of the Store by 2040

Since we soon will embark on 2022, looking ahead to 2040 is a real timeframe. Not a fantasy. Scenario analysis helps be better prepared moving forward.

Our source for this article is Euromonitor International’s report “Commerce 2040: The Future of the Store in a Digital World.”

A few highlights follow:

The data included in this document are accurate. According to Passport, Euromonitor International’s market research database. Time of publication: September 2021. The PowerPoint presentation includes proprietary information from Euromonitor International. [Reminder: EOM is a nonprofit, educational site that accepts no ads.]

By 2040, physical stores will completely change. The shift towards E-commerce is forcing retailers to rethink the purpose and use of stores for a digital era. Profiting from the distribution of consumer goods hinges on a successful strategy. Built around several core principles.

Next, we show select PowerPoint images from Euromonitor International. To access specific retail forecasts and recommendations, go the Euromonitor International Web site.

The Role of the Store by 2040

The Role of the Store by 2040

The Role of the Store by 2040

The Role of the Store by 2040


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