Yesterday, we looked at the state of influencer (tastemaker) marketing in 2020. That leads to the question: How should we best use influencer marketing? To address that question, this post focuses on twenty-two influencer marketing tips.


Experts Offer Twenty-Two Influencer Marketing Tips

For our source, we turn to social media guru Neil Patel. Recently, he devised an infographic with several influencer tips. Doing so after reaching out to 22 other experts in the field. 

First, read here. Then scroll down to his excellent infographic.

I was thrilled with the responses I received and I know you’ll learn something from the collection of ideas in the infographic below, where I believe three themes emerged. (1) Connect with influencers. (2) Collaborate with influencers. (3) Contribute to the influencer’s cause.”

Twenty-Two Influencer Marketing Tips

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