As we wrote a while back: “We know that firms which act in an ethical manner often benefit financially from their actions. But, what about us individually? Don’t we have obligations too?” Today’s post encourages acts of kindness during this holiday season.


Let Us Do Acts of Kindness During This Holiday Season

Although the following infographic from gosite is more focused on small businesses, its lessons also apply to all types of firms. And to us as well.

According to gosite:

While the pandemic has disrupted the lives of so many around the world, times of crisis tend to bring people together. Throughout 2020, many people, organizations, and companies have ramped up their charitable activities, introduced innovative ways to connect with others, and shown compassion to friends and strangers alike.

For business owners who’ve survived or even grown during the pandemic, lending a helping hand feels good. In addition, it’s a great way to establish yourself as a socially responsible entity within your community.

These are just a few benefits of incorporating random acts of kindness into your business’s goals:

    • Boosts employee morale and productivity
    • Builds customer loyalty
    • Brings in potential new customers
    • Entices possible investors and business partners
    • Motivates customers to pay top dollar for your services

In short, companies that show kindness and a sense of social responsibility can reap the benefits of a positive, long-lasting brand reputation. However, we understand that all businesses — big or small — need to make a profit. So below, we provide some of the best ways you can weave in random acts of kindness that are meaningful, but won’t break the bank.

Acts of Kindness During This Holiday Season


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