We know that firms which act in an ethical manner often benefit financially from their actions. Examples? Purpose-Driven Brands’ Marketing Lessons. World’s Leading Ethical Companies 2017. But, what about us as individuals? Don’t we have obligations too? That’s why this post covers do the right thing: let’s support one another.

Consider this view from Mass Mutual:

“2017, for a lot of reasons, was a tough year. Such as news headlines dominated by rising international tensions, natural disasters, and increased inequality. But if you take a closer look, you see 2017 was filled with stories to restore your faith in humanity. Stories like the Texans who used their fishing boats to scour flooded neighborhoods for people trapped in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. And the the motorcycle group in Indiana who escorted an 11-year-old bullying victim to his first day of middle school. Mass Mutual is giving a voice to these inspiring people who looked out for each other this year at TheUnsung.com. We believe they’re the embodiment of our Live Mutual philosophy and their stories deserve to be heard and shared widely.”

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Do the Right Thing: Let's Support One Another -- Mass Mutual

So, join in and see more below from Mass Mutual.


Do the Right Thing: Let’s Support One Another

First, take a look at this inspiring 2017 Mass Mutual recap of good deeds by people.

Now, appreciate some “unsung heroes,” as described by Mass Mutual.


“When motorcycle enthusiasts from Indiana rallied to support a sixth-grade boy who was being bullied, they did much more than help shine a spotlight on a pervasive problem in schools. They restored a child’s faith in human kindness.”


“He served his country during one of its most trying and crucial battles: D-Day. And now his Miami community is paying Charles Adderley, they city’s oldest World War II veteran, back.”


“Ginger Sprouse didn’t know that her decision to stop and talk to a homeless man on the corner would change the course of a young man’s life — or create a groundswell of community support. She only knew that someone needed to help.”


“Hurricane Harvey hit and devastating, dangerous flood waters rose … but so did people’s support for one another. And the strength that came from that support helped many weather the storm.”


“What happened after a purposely-set fire destroyed a mosque in a small Texas town? An outpouring of mutual support as churches and a synagogue opened their doors to displaced Muslim worshipers.”


“Four Florida teens started a lunch club that changed the world – or at least the world for dozens of students at Boca Raton High School who previously ate alone.”


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