Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic has required continued crisis management for millions of companies of all sizes and in almost all industries. But, besides the COVID-19 pandemic, other types of crises may require decisive planning and action. With this in mind, let us look at a valuable crisis management checklist keyed to the beginning of a crisis.

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The First 15 Minutes: A Crisis Management Checklist

A while back, Forbes discussed the keys to proper — and timely — crisis management. And it included an infographic from Temin and Company. Both the Forbes discussion and Temin infographic are as relevant now as ever.

According to Davia Temin, writing for Forbes:

When a crisis hits, how you respond in the first 15 minutes may make or break your organization –- and your reputation. We all know the critical nature of crisis management training for leaders and boards. Nonetheless, much of it still tends to be shopworn, focusing on the lessons of yesterday. The new climate of ultra urgency is rarely emphasized sufficiently.

Yet, I have found that in those first 15 minutes of a crisis your response must be exactly the right message. As well as delivered in exactly the right words, to the right audiences, and in just the right way. Or you will have to deal with your mistakes for days, weeks, even months to come. Immediate response and indelible accountability – that’s a tall order for any leader.

Read the following infographic to learn about do’s and don’ts when a crisis takes place. 

A Crisis Management Checklist

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