We last reported on the best business books of the year in 2018. Since are in a new economic era, we now highlight the best 2020 business books as of July 1.

In these uncertain times, there are many lessons to learn from these books.

Amazon’s Best 2020 Business Books as of July 1

Recently, Amazon presented its best 2020 books in several categories. One of which is business and leadership books.

The list is nicely summarized by Inc. Below, we cite the top seven. To see the rest of the top 20, click the image that follows the top seven.

  1. Tiny Habits. By BJ Fogg. According to Amazon’s review: “A practical guide to introducing intentionally small changes into your routine that can lead to big results,”

  2. Capital and Ideology. By Thomas Piketty. “Nothing less than a global history of inequality and the stories that societies tell to justify it,” says Wired.

  3. Billionaire Wilderness. By Justin Farrell. “A Yale sociology professor documents the class divide in Teton County, Wyoming,” is the description from Publishers Weekly.

  4. The Velvet Rope Economy By Nelson D. Schwartz. “From this New York Times business reporter comes a gripping investigation of how a virtual velvet rope divides Americans in every arena of life,” says Amazon.

  5. Joy at Work. By Marie Kondo. The Japanese tidying guru turns her attention to our cluttered workspaces.

  6. Think Like a Rocket Scientist. By Ozan Varol. “An engrossing read that’s full of actionable insights,” according to Wharton’s Adam Grant. 

  7. Designing Your Work Life. By Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. “Burnett and Evans show how to apply Stanford’s famous design principles to finding your place in the world,” says NPR’s Brian Lehrer.

Best 2020 Business Books as of July 1
Photo: Getty Images. Illustration: Chloe Krammel


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