We know that there are many great career books available. And several of them are sold at Amazon. For example, click here. However, our goal is to highlight FREE career books for you.

And, of course, our free book on self-branding can be viewed by clicking the image. [Note: Just enter your E-mail address for a free download.]

FREE Career Books


A Selection of FREE Career Books

After a rigorous online search, we discovered these free career books. There should be at least one that is appealing to you. If you know other free career books that are available, please us E-mail us. evansonmarketing@gmail.com. [Note: A free login may be required for some sources.]


By Dick Bolles

Not familiar with the name Dick Bolles? That is not surprising. Not familiar with What Color Is Your Parachute? That would be somewhat surprising. Since this book on self-reflection has sold many MILLIONS of copies. Unlike the books above, this one is not free. BUT, keep reading.

At his Web site, Bolles offers several free resources. He covers these topics. (1) What is the Parachute Approach to Job-Hunting. (2) WHAT Do You Love to Do? (3) WHERE Would You Love to Do It? (4) HOW Do You Find Such a Job?


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