Over the last two weeks, we had five posts related to COVID-19. And the tragedy of this virus keeps on expanding. We feel for everyone and their families who have been affected. Starting today, we return to our regular posts, with an infographic featuring lessons from self-made billionaires.

We do this to give readers a venue to find non-COVID-19 material. To access important links on COVID-19, please go to our article on The COVID-19 Virus and Business.


THIRTEEN Lessons from Self-Made Billionaires

For these lessons, we turn to Embroker, a business insurance company. [In September 2019, we featured another infographic from Embroker (Characteristics of Unicorns).]

“Startup founders and CEOs face many challenges: raising venture capital, building a founding team, developing products that can survive a competitive marketplace, getting their name out there, and more. It’s no surprise that the prospect of launching and surviving in the competitive world of startups can be daunting. But it’s not impossible. There are shining stars — unicorn leaders, if you will — that seem to get it right. Of course, their success didn’t come without trials and tribulations, but it can appear that way on the surface. We’ve turned to a cohort of self-made billionaire startup founders to gather advice and lessons based on their years of experience in the startup world.”

“If you’re a startup founder who is looking for advice on how to build your team of directors and officers or maybe you’re still in the ideation stage as an entrepreneur, here are 13 lessons from iconic startup leaders to point you in the right direction.”

All the leaders in the infographic are billionaires.

Lessons from Self-Made Billionaires

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