As we have noted in several prior posts, there are many great salary tools from Payscale. In this post, we show some other ones.

According to PayScale:

“Paying the right way, getting paid what you’re worth — it’s complicated, and it matters. In the past, compensation was a dark art. But, not anymore. Today, PayScale helps employers and employees understand the right pay for every position. As well as  effectively communicate about compensation. PayScale pioneered the use of big data and unique matching algorithms to power the world’s most advanced compensation platform.”

While reading this article, find out data regarding your situation. And see if this makes you happy. 🙂 Or unhappy. 🙁

More Great Salary Tools from PayScale

Even on its home page, PayScale features various compensation tools. 

Great Salary Tools from PayScale

Yet, for most readers of this blog, the most valuable part of the Web site is the following. Click the image to visit. Then, input your personal information. [Although we cited this page before, PayScale data are new.]

Great Salary Tools from PayScale

Payscale Salary Data for College Grads

In addition:

“PayScale’s 2019-2020 College Salary Report is based on a comprehensive data base. Every year, our sample size becomes larger and more robust. This year, our rankings come from the alumni salary data of 3.5 million respondents. They represent more than 4,000 colleges and universities across the U.S. The data presented here will help you research schools, majors, and careers. You can use this information to help you discover which fields of study offer the most income potential. As well which are most transferable to different career paths.”

Click the image to see where you fit.

Salary Data for College Grads

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