Robert Half 2020 Salary Guides are the subject of today’s post. For many people, job satisfaction is based on several factors. Yet, others stress salary as key. Where do YOU fit? 

Due to reader interest, we have posted often about salaries. For example, see :


Robert Half 2020 Salary Guides by Field and Salary Level

Robert Half is an employment specialist. And it helps place full- and part-time professionals. Each  year, the firm produces salary guides in 5 key areas [Note: Fill out a free login for each guide that you click]:

Accounting & Finance. In this guide, “you find detailed starting salary ranges for more than 190 positions and insight into emerging hiring trends. And see how a candidate’s skill set, experience level, and other factors can affect compensation.”

Administrative. In this guide, “get accurate starting salary ranges for 60 administrative roles, hiring insights, and the information you need to land the best  job. Also, you’ll find data to customize pay for over 140 cities nationwide.”

Creative & Marketing. In this guide, “get in-depth salary data to help you make the best career decisions, including starting salary figures for 85 positions and insights into the latest hiring trends. And you can customize salaries for more than 140 U.S. cities.”

Legal. In this guide, “get starting salary ranges for nearly 50 legal positions so you can negotiate the best pay package. And you can use the guide to customize pay levels for dozens of cities across the U.S.”

Technology & IT. In this guide, “see starting salary ranges for nearly 80 jobs in the tech industry. And learn about the hottest benefits and perks. Discover what trends will impact your job search. Also, customize salaries for over 140 U.S. cities.”


Robert Half 2020 Salary Guides: Creative & Marketing

Evans on Marketing focuses on marketing. Thus, this section focuses on marketing. Yet, it also includes creative fields.

To learn more, check the salary data in the table. Indeed, it is a portion of the listing in the creative & marketing guide! {Note: This material is (C) Robert Half International Inc.] There are also dozens of other jobs cited in the guide. Visit it.

Next, click here for a salary calculator YOU can customize! “Take the guesswork out of salaries — discover pay ranges for jobs you’re pursuing or a position you need to staff with the Salary Calculator. Select the location and other details for a job to get a salary range.

Robert Half 2020 Salary Guides

Robert Half 2020 Salary Guides

Robert Half 2020 Salary Guides

Robert Half 2020 Salary Guides

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