The biggest challenge for many traditional retailers. How to encourage more customer in-store shopping. The subject of this post.

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An Infographic About How to Encourage More Customer In-Store Shopping

Thank you to Meredith Wood, a Fundera vice-president, for  providing the following material and infographic. Note: A longer version of these tips may be found by clicking here.

Designing stores with customer psychology in mind is incredibly important. Both for the customers who benefit from a better experience and for store owners who have the potential to boost their sales. For example, it’s important to understand how to set the mood of the store in the first five to 15 feet of the store. That is the “Decompression Zone”. It’s also helpful to know that 90% of shoppers turn right when they enter stores. Thus, it’s useful to put important products there. Or, there’s the fact that digital signs can encourage customers to spend 30% more time in a store.   

Fundera created a visual with the best store layouts and a number of handy tips to design retail stores around customers. Check it out!

How to Encourage More Customer In-Store Shopping

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  1. According to PracticalEcommerce ( “The rate of customer returns for goods bought online is swelling to a worrisome level as more consumers switch from physical stores to online. According to David Sobie, co-founder of Happy Returns, which operates a network of physical return locations for items purchased online, ecommerce returns average about 15 percent, with apparel returns closer to 30 percent. In comparison, only 5 to 10 percent of physical-store purchases are returned.”

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