With regard to personality traits, what makes a digital marketing leader? How do YOUR personality traits stack up? To find out, read on.

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From FRACTAL Research: What Makes a Digital Marketing Leader?

Earlier this year, FRACTAL Research did an interesting study. For this study, it used artificial intelligence to analyze digital leaders’ personalities:

“If you don’t have a vibrant online presence, are you really an effective digital marketer these days? You need to showcase yourself. Fractl wanted to learn more about what personality traits helped take popular marketing leaders to the top of their game. As well as how seemingly like-minded marketers differ in the nuances of their personalities. We collected tweets from 20 of the most influential digital marketers. Then we used IBM Watson to better understand their personalities. In particular, you may use Watson technology to run the Personality Insights API. Thereby, you reveal insights about, well, anyone.”

“The IBM Cloud Personality Insights uses ‘the psychology of language together with data analytics algorithms.’ As a result, the API generates results based on five key traits. And a variety of other traits. The API explains how to interpret results here: ‘Any score over the mean of 0.5 shows an above average tendency. A score at or above 0.75 indicates discernible aspects of the trait. Such scores are high. The opposite is true of scores below 0.50 and 0.25.”

The first chart highlights the 10 most vital traits. Second, a chart highlights one leader — Neil Patel.

What Makes a Digital Marketing Leader?

What Makes a Digital Marketing Leader?

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