Have YOU ever voluntarily left a job? [As opposed to being “laid off.”] What were you reasons? Today, we discuss why employees quit. If you left a job on your own, how do your reasons match up? 🙂

Begin by looking at these posts:

A PayScale Study: Why Employees Quit

According to Niall McCarthy, reporting for Statista:

“People decide to leave their jobs for many reasons. Whether it’s the need for a new challenge. A desire to change city. The need to escape a boss you cannot stand any more. Or the chance for a bigger paycheck. That last point is actually the chief motivation for American workers quitting their jobs. That, according to a new survey from PayScale.”

“Entitled ‘Why They Quit You’, PayScale found that 25 percent of workers seek employment outside their current organization because they want higher pay. While 16 percent of those polled say they search elsewhere because they are unhappy in their job. While 14 percent want to land a position in an organization more aligned with their values. Relocation is rarer, cited by 11 percent of those polled. And only 2 percent seek a new employer for greater flexibility.”

“So that’s what drives people to leave their employers. But what attracts workers to new organizations? With 27 percent, the chance to do more meaningful work comes first on the list, followed by increased responsibilities in a new role (17 percent) while higher pay rounds off the top-three (16 percent). According to PayScale, the current low levels of employment coupled with a strong economy have resulted in higher confidence and therefore a higher level of risk-taking. In February of this year, 2.86 million Americans quit their jobs.”

Take a look at the Statista chart.

Why Employees Quit


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