When communicating with people, marketers need to foster good communications. As such, they must realize which ads consumers find most annoying. And then avoid using them.

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Do You Know Which Ads Consumers Find Most Annoying

This issue applies to every firm. Regardless of size, industry, etc. Therefore, marketers beware!!

According to eMarketer:

“More people than ever in the U.S. spend time with digital audio, leading to growing advertising opportunities. To properly communicate with audiences, advertisers should make sure the right creatives are used with the right audio formats. Otherwise, they run the risk of annoying or alienating their audiences.”

“In a July 2019 survey conducted by customer experience analytics firm Bizrate Insights and commissioned by eMarketer, almost half of U.S. Internet users considered audio ads on music streaming services or podcasts to be annoying. Therefore, marketers need to be aware that dynamically inserting ill-timed, nonhost-read ads may be jarring to an audience’s listening experience.”

“So how are audio advertisers catering to consumers and cutting through the clutter? For one, they’re not repurposing creative from other formats, such as TV or terrestrial radio. Instead, many look to leverage data and dynamic creative capabilities within digital audio to incorporate audience insights, location data, weather events or even time of day to deliver relevant messages to consumers.”

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Which Ads Consumers Find Most Annoying

3 Replies to “Which Ads Consumers Find Most Annoying”

  1. I found this really intriguing! I personally agree with the top answer, video ads that play automatically on websites with sounds is the most annoying. It’s fascinating how more people are becoming comfortable with the ads that pop up based on their interests and behavior. I personally think that is something people either love or they find it creepy.

  2. I think that is the reason why video ads automatically play on websites-such as those play first in a YouTube video-are becoming shorter, some are even 6 seconds. I think this may be a new trend. Website like YouTube needs to make money, and ads are where most capital come from. In order not to be that annoying but still effective, say, at least user can watch through instead of skip it, ads makers are composing the ad’s time span. Moreover, in my view, most of the ads I can remember are exactly those that are annoying.

  3. I am surprised that audio ads (on streaming services or podcasts) are not higher on the list. I ordinarily skip video ads that play automatically with/without sound. However, I am unable to do so with podcast advertisements because I listen to them in the car while driving. Therefore, I thought that audio ads would be higher ranked more annoying.

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