As we have reported before, the Internet of Things will dominate technology in the future. For example, see these two posts. IoT Infographic. And An Oracle Infographic on the Internet of Things. Today, we focus on smart speakers’ growing appeal.

At this time, do you have a smart speaker? If no, are you planning to buy one soon? What’s the biggest attraction of smart speakers? And the biggest downside?

Internet of Things: Smart Speakers’ Growing Appeal

Smart speakers’ growing appeal includes these brands. Amazon Echo. Google Home. Apple HomePod. Sonos One. JBL Link. Marshall Stanmore Voice. And Polk Command Bar.

According to Corey McNair, reporting for eMarketer:

Which country has the highest number of smart speaker users? China will be home to 85.5 million smart speaker users in 2019, surpassing the 74.2 million in the United States. However, penetration will be higher in the United States (26.0% of internet users) than in China (10.0%). The U.S. had a head start on smart speaker adoption with the launch of Amazon Echo in November 2014, while’s DingDong arrived to China in 2016.”

Are smart speakers more widely used in France, Germany, or the UK? Smart speakers are most widely used in the UK, at 22.4% of the Internet users, followed by Germany (17.2%) and France (14.0%). Smart speakers from Amazon, Apple, and Google were first sold in the United Kingdom, and consumers there have shown a strong interest in using smart speakers to control other smart home devices.”

Now, take a look at the popularity for six different countries. Note the difference between the number of smart speaker users and the percentage of connected consumers.

Smart Speakers' Growing Appeal

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