As we noted before, electric cars are in a strong growth pattern. For example, see these two posts. Electric Cars Are Booming Worldwide. And What Countries Lead in Electric Vehicle Chargers. Even Porsche is going electric. And this represent’s Porsche vision for the future.


How Rapidly Porsche Is Going Electric

In the near future, Tesla will face more competition than ever before. And Porsche is one of the upscale electric brands that it will have to fend off.

According to reporting by Business Insider:

“Porsche’s first full-production electric vehicle (EV), the Taycan, has garnered substantial interest from prospective buyers, according to Porsche North America president and CEO Klaus Zellmer. And cited by CNET. Although Zellmer didn’t offer specific figures, he stated that if every person who placed a pre-order ended up purchasing the EV, the Taycan would be sold out in its first year. For context, Porsche had originally planned to produce roughly 20,000 Taycans per year. However, in November 2018, high demand led the automaker to increase production capacity by an undisclosed figure.”

“Porsche is seeing considerable interest from consumers who are new to the company’s vehicles, reducing any concerns of self-cannibalization. More than half of the pre-orders for the Taycan have come from consumers that have either never owned or do not currently own a Porsche. Not only is Porsche attracting a new clientele, but many of these consumers are coming from one of the most successful EV firms in the world, Tesla. Typically when Porsche poaches business from other brands, it comes from BMW, Audi, or Mercedes. This level of interest gives Porsche the inside track toward taking away market share from Tesla, while building a strong brand reputation in the EV space.”

While the overall car industry saw little growth in 2018, sales of electric vehicles soared.

Porsche Is Going Electric

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