As we regularly note, firms constantly look for ways to better please shoppers. For example, see What Tactics Increase Customer Loyalty. Today, we look at ways to expand your brand with digital deals.

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How to Expand Your Brand with Digital Deals

The average person expects a deal on almost every interaction. And they’re willing to do work to track it down. In fact, according to recent research, nearly all consumers say they actively look for coupons and deals when shopping.

Also, the time consumers invest in finding a good deal isn’t small, either. According to Valassis, over 50% of consumers they take over two hours per week looking for ways to save a few dollars on the goods and services that they consume. And the trend is growing among some demographics. For example, a quarter of millennial moms report that they spend over 30 minutes a day — 4 hours per week — looking around for savings.

As such, integrating coupons into your businesses marketing strategy is a great way to reach new audiences and convert customers. Additionally, a large percentage of consumers report that coupons even increase brand loyalty, and influence their purchasing decisions.

To help you take advantage of the benefits coupons and deals offer for your business, Wikibuy created an infographic explaining how to drive sales with coupons. Check out the full visual below to see just how powerful a coupon can be.

Expand Your Brand with Digital Deals

15 Replies to “Expand Your Brand with Digital Deals”

  1. I agree with the use of coupons to expand a company’s digital brand. I know for myself a coupon to a store makes that company more attractive and gives me the incentive to go and look because I know that I will be saving money. It allows for a brand to become more trustable and makes me more willing to be a returning customer. Coupons grab the consumers attention and can create loyalty.

  2. Coupons make a customer shop at one place over the other. I always find myself looking for coupons or promo codes before I purchase an item. If there is a way to get something for cheaper, who wouldn’t want to do so? Loyalty programs are also a great way to get customers to keep coming back and buying your products. I have this web-browser add on called Honey. Whenever I am shopping on a website, the extension that is permanently on my task bar will notify me of any coupon codes or promotions that I can access. It is very helpful because it basically does all of the work for you regarding searching for promotions. It works on every site that it can find coupons for. I highly recommend installing it.

  3. Coupons are a great way for businesses to ensure customers choose their brand over others. When I am shopping online specific and I come across similar items, I usually go for the one that has a coupon code attached to it. Also, some businesses offer student discount codes too, which is a smart idea since college students are always looking for the cheaper option when shopping.

  4. Using coupons personally changes the way my family and I shop as well. My mother mostly uses coupons on food shopping and saves us hundreds of dollars per year. Free shipping on my favorite stores such as Ulta or Colourpop persuades me to buy products up to the amount needed to obtain the free shipping. Having an application that puts the majority of coupon codes and in store coupons, Shopular, makes me want to buy something I do not necessarily need but still buy. Being a college students, students are always looking for a way to have a cheaper option.

  5. Every time that I go shopping, I look for coupons before hand if I have a certain store in mind. Even a few days ago I went to Michaels, and in the few moments of standing at the register I looked up a coupon that I was able to use. Coupons are a great way for companies to get people to buy more and to advertise better, because sometimes you can receive a coupon for a store you may have never heard before but now you want to look into it. I also agree with the fact that you are more likely to buy something more expensive with a coupon, because sometimes just the idea of getting even !0% off can be the push for a customer to buy it.

  6. Digital marketing is a way to go forward in the future. Today, 90% of people use coupons as stated by the article and for that reasons companies should offer more and more coupons. Even the word coupon will trigger the people to visit the website and see what is on sale. I think sending text messages to deliver coupons are more effective because if you are subscribed to fifty different stores then you will have so many unnecessary coupons that you don’t have the time to find the one you want. Since, people check their text messages more often than their emails, they will keep the coupon they need and delete the others ones. This way they will be more likely to shop, since they know they have the coupon; and in most cases people often open the coupons instantly and check what they are offering.

  7. I work in retail and I see how things mentioned in this post to drive customer loyalty are realistic. For example, I see at my job how customers who get emails about promotions and digital coupons tend to come to the store more often and spend more money. It is an easy way to drive customers back into the store since they almost feel forced to take advantage of the deals and the coupons that they get sent. I do think more companies should use automatic discounts at check out to make it even easier for customers to have access to perks and benefits. It is interesting that 52% of consumers print out coupons to use in stores; I thought the percentage would be lower. Clearly, we do see how digital deals drive a companies success.

  8. Coupons are a really great way to get customers to make purchases from your company. I’m not surprised at the fact that people will spend so much time looking for ways to save money. Whenever I am online shopping, I always look to see if there are promo codes I can put in and most of the time, websites will have a deal to help you save money.

  9. Coupons make a major difference in the way consumers shop. I personally will never buy anything full priced except the rare occasion I need the item without a discount. When an ad pops up for a deal on a website I enjoy I am much more inclined to purchase from that store with a discount. Consumers are also more likely to purchase from stores that have a coupon versus one that does not have one. Many consumers are loyalty members for their favorite brands so they can get more rewards. Social media deals are an excellent way to attract the attention of social media users.

  10. I can say that digital deals are becoming more popular. I work as a cashier at BJs and countless people come in everyday with coupons. Most of them are the paper coupons you find in coupon books and circulars, but with the BJs app customers select the coupons online and then go to the store and buy what they selected. The coupons come off the transaction automatically when the whole thing is totaled. This makes paying a whole lot easier for the and faster for the cashier and the customer because the cashier won’t have to scan several coupons manually. Personally, I hope that soon enough everyone will be using digital coupons.

  11. While reading this post, I realized how easily I’m influenced to buy something when I’m offered a coupon. Offering coupons is definitely a great marketing strategy that keeps customers loyal and persuades new customers to make purchases. Personally, when I receive a coupon, I’m instantly set on using the coupon as soon as I can even if I don’t need to buy something that the coupon pertains to. By offering coupons, businesses are able to create a higher demand for their products because people, like myself, are more inclined to purchase something at a reduced rate. Also, people are more likely to buy something more expensive when offered a coupon. Because of these two factors, businesses are able to generate a lot of revenue by issuing coupons, even though coupons lower the prices of their goods and services.

  12. Coupons are a great way to reach consumers. It gives the company more visibility, as most people are always looking for ways to save money. It also shows consumers that the company is willing to sacrifice some earnings to satisfy the customer. I personally think emailed coupons work the best, but any way of distribution is still applicable.

  13. Coupons are a great way for a company to gain customers, get their brand out there, and increase loyalty. I know when a certain store sends me a lot of coupons it drives me to go look through the store even if i didn’t need something. Knowing there is a deal and you will be saving money influences a lot of people to buy things they don’t necessarily need. Coupons also increase awareness of the brand because people will tell their friends about the deals. Whenever me and my friends find a new store or sale going on, we immediately text each other and plan to head to the mall or shop online at the store.

  14. I think living in a technologically advanced era, digital deals are the best way to expand one’s brand. From my own experience there have been times where I have went into a store, picked up an item and then realized that I had a coupon but because it was a physical coupon I did not have it with me and for that reason I decided not to buy the item. For reasons like this I think digital deals such as digital coupons would benefit many brands. Beyond that I think many people look on the internet at stores to see of there is any good deals going on and if there is it makes them more inclined to go into the actual store and potentially buy more then they planned on.

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