As we noted in August: Why do most people trust those whom they know and .org Web sites? And distrust mass media and .com Web sites? In a word: credibility (authenticity). People’s trust is hard to earn and to retain. Thus, today’s post highlights the top authentic global brands for 2017. See how popular these brands are.

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2017’s Top Authentic Global Brands

Cohn & Wolfe is a communications firm. Each year, it publishes a report on brand authenticity. For the 2017 report, it says:

“The Authentic Brands study covers authenticity in business.  And it reviews attributes associated with an authentic brand. Also, it studies authenticity from diverse viewpoints. These include consumer, investor, and employee attitudes and behaviors. We surveyed 15,000+ consumers across 15 markets. And we asked about perceptions of 1,400+ brands. Then we applied our proprietary algorithm to determine the Authentic 100. In sum, this index ranks global brands by perception.”

“In addition, We determined the top authentic brands in 15 countries.” [We note these in the next two sections.]

The top ten global brands show this listing. From a global consumer perspective, American brands dominate.

  1. Amazon.
  2. Apple.
  3. Microsoft.
  4. Google.
  5. PayPal.
  6. Adidas.
  7. Intel.
  8. Lego.
  9. Hewlett-Packard (HP).
  10. Rolex.

Click the image to view the top 100 global brands.

Top Authentic Global Brands -- Credibility Pays. Authentic 100.


2017’s Top Authentic Brands in the U.S.

With the 2017 study, Cohn & Wolfe identified 50 U.S. brands. “In the U.S., 62% of respondents said they would buy or be interested in buying a brand viewed as authentic.” And the top five among U.S. consumers:

  1. Amazon.
  2. PayPal.
  3. Burt’s Bees.
  4. Crayola.
  5. M&M’s.

To access the U.S. list, click the Amazon logo. Then, scroll down the page to the United States.


Top Authentic Global Brands -- Credibility Pays. Authentic 100. U.S. Top 50 Listing.

2017’s Top Authentic Brands Outside U.S.

Also In the 2017 study, Cohn & Wolfe identified the top 20 brands in 14 other counties:

  • Brazil.
  • Canada.
  • China.
  • France.
  • Germany.
  • Hong Kong.
  • India.
  • Indonesia.
  • Italy.
  • Singapore.
  • Spain.
  • Sweden.
  • United Arab Emirates.
  • United Kingdom.

To access the global list, click the Ikea logo. Then, scroll down the page. And choose a country.

Top Authentic Global Brands -- Credibility Pays. Authentic 100. Top 20 by


21 Replies to “Top Authentic Global Brands — Credibility Pays”

  1. Authenticity is very important in today’s world. Especially if you are ordering stuff online, you want to make sure that the websites and company’s you are sharing your credit card information with are authentic and can be trusted. One of the reasons Amazon is so successful is because consumers trust it and turn to it first before any other competitor. All brands should strive to reach high levels of credibility and authenticity as it will not only improve the trust from the market but their business as well.

  2. I am not surprised that Amazon is at the top of the list, both globally and internationally, of the 2017 Most Authentic Brands. Not only does it provide goods efficiently, as seen with its new Same Day delivery program, the site itself is very user friendly. Consumers can exchange, return and browse for goods with comfort, and if a problem ever arises, the customer service line is always willing and able to help. I feel comfortable sharing my personal information as well as credit card info with the company, as it has gained my trust through its excellent service. I think more companies should strive for service like Amazon if they want to reach the top of this list one day.

  3. I think authenticity and reliability in a business sense go together in most cases. More often than not, people are not willing to spend money somewhere that they are not familiar with and trust. Which makes reliability a significant factor. I think that makes sense with authenticity too, because no one will buy from you if you are purposely lying to consumers.

  4. Companies at the top of the most authentic list all have recognizable brand names and have widely known and adhered-to values. For example, Amazon puts a heavy emphasis on convenience for the consumer and then delivers that promise through low prices and quick delivery times on orders. Further, Lego is a company that has been around for a long time, so people remember playing with their toys as children and buying them for their children–which creates a sense of a personal, trusted relationship with the brand. What Amazon and Lego have in common, then, is the consumer perception that they have consumers’ best interests at heart, not only because they say that they do, but because they follow through on branding promises. This perception, then, leads to a high opinion of authenticity.

  5. Personally, authenticity is most important for a company. If people trust this brand, they are willing to shopping and pay with this brand. To build authenticity with consumers need long time, and good services. If every consumers are significant for this brand, they will tell their friends and family. The brand will get more and more consumers who are authentic for this brand.

  6. I think customer service also plays a huge role in how customers perceive a company. For example, if you have a problem with a product, but the issue is resolved in a timely and appropriate way, customers are likely to continue shopping there and recommend to others. This is obviously just one way that company’s establish credibility, but nonetheless it is important. Purchasing items over the internet is something that some are weary of, most people worry to some extent ‘what if I don’t like it?’ or ‘what if it doesn’t fit right / work right’ all of these things contribute to the credibility of the company and when a company is credible consumers are likely to purchase from them again. It is very important that consumers view company’s a credible, it lowers their perceived risk in buying the item. I am not surprised to see Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, etc. on this list.

  7. Authenticity implies a level of trust with the customer. In today’s world of social media, being trustworthy is more important than ever. Negative reviews on a company can be seen by the entire world online on popular reviewing websites such as Yelp or Amazon. I believe that not having trust with the community can be detrimental to a business making sales. If a business is caught in a bad situation with respect to trust, it must recoup the trust quickly by doing right by the consumers and all those effected, and move on quickly. There were quite a few names on the The Global Authentic 100 for 2017 that I found to be surprising due to some events that had happened to them: BMW due to car reliability scores in Consumer Reports, YouTube due to the “ad-pocalypse,” and Volkswagon do to their emission scandal.

  8. I’m surprised that Nike isn’t on the list of global authentic brands. They’re a staple in the sports wear industry and are used by consumers worldwide. Adidas beating out Nike is shocking to me. I’m not surprised by the top three because they are all so large and dominant.

  9. I find it interesting, when looking at the list of top authentic companies, that PayPal is second. Not that it is undeserved, they have built a clear and honest brand, but with any service where people are trusting a company with holding or transferring money, there is natural apprehension. For this reason, it is incredibly impressive for PayPal to rank second. Amazon has a clear model that has worked for more than a decade so their ranking is not surprising, but PayPal is definitely interesting.

  10. It is really important to make the customers know who you are, because people usually are not willing to spend money on things that they are not familiar with. Thus, credits are really important and top brands are using it very well.

  11. Authenticity is very important in the internet age. No established company will burn you as it risks damage to their extremely valuable reputation. This authenticity fetches a premium, and boosts sales, so losing credibility is a dangerous trade. Amazon will process refunds quickly and without question to maintain their image as efficient and the best. Services like that will not be found in most knockoff companies.

  12. Authenticity is what all individuals desire. Whether it be with their favorite brands or with people. If a company is not authentic, it will not make it in the long run. After looking at both the top 100 global and U.S. authentic brands, I’m impressed that Amazon made it to number one in both categories. Amazon is a well-loved website because they have almost anything and everything that one could want, and offer fast shipping options. It is important that they be authentic because a lot of consumers trust Amazon with their credit card information, address, and other personal information. I think more companies should take a similar business to Amazon and then they will have much success.

  13. The top U.S and global brands have made it that far, because no one else had the idea to create what those companies did. When buying certain products, I generally prefer the most commonly used/most popular brand which is usually the brand that started the demand for that product. I think that people appreciate and recognize the companies who originally started an idea, and will chose that over anything else. With things like M&M’s, why would someone chose a knock off version of M&M’s even if it was cheaper, when they know that by paying the extra $1 or less they could get the authentic version of that product.

  14. As internet growing, online shopping becomes a trend which significantly impacts the retail industry. One of the shortness of online industry is that customers can not touch or see the real stuff, they need the product description, customers comment and of course, website authentic. Once the website authentic is approved, customers would be more likely to shop through it at any time and anywhere.

  15. This top authentic global brands list reminds me of a brand which is Volkswagen. So I googled some recent news about Volkswagen. According to CNN, until September this year, the diesel emissions scandal has cost the company $30 billion in total. Almost half of the money were used to repurchase dirty diesel cars sold in U.S. However, from my point of view, even though the company can buy back those dirty cars and this much money had been used, they can’t buy back their reputation and the trust they had lost from their consumers especially those loyal consumers. It may cost you ten years to get in the list of top authentic global brands. However, it may cost you only one day to be kicked out of the list.

  16. I personally find it much easier to trust an authentic brand like an amazon or google. You don’t have to stress about giving them your credit card and wondering if your going to get it stolen. These companies have been able to establish credibility within their brand name and attract customers to their business model and products.

  17. When ordering products online, it is important to know that the product is authentic as there are many websites that sell counterfeit or fake products that could appear to be the real thing. I am more likely to purchase a product on a website that I have used before or I know has a good reputation.

  18. Credibility plays a huge role in if a customer buys or not. If i see a product I like but it is on a website that looks suspicious; the first thing I would do is google search for a more credible site to buy from. Half of credibility is the look, in my opinion. Even if I had never bought from a company before if they look professional I am much more likely to buy.

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