Despite the popularity of texting, Facebook Messenger, and other newer tools, E-mail remains a popular form of communicating. [For example, see E-Mail Popular. Complements New Media. and Mobile Marketing Facts.] So, let’s consider ways for personalizing your E-Mail efforts.


Tips for Personalizing Your E-Mail Efforts

In an era with so much competition, companies need any edge they can get. Personalizing your E-mail efforts helps stand out.

As Luda Greko notes for Active Trail:

“All E-mail marketers should use personalization as a tactic. Leads, subscribers, and customers are distinct from each other. And their differences go beyond demographics. By sending generic E-mail, you not only show your lack of creativity and strategy. It’s also a waste of time, energy, and money.”

“As any good E-mail marketer will tell you, proper personalization gave them a big boost. By tailoring E-mail content, you offer strong and relevant messaging to subscribers and customers. And you get higher open rates and better engagement.”

“To help, here are some great numbers and statistics that show you the power of email personalization.”

Tips for Personalizing Your E-Mail Efforts

2 Replies to “Personalizing Your E-Mail Efforts”

  1. Many business executives get hundreds of Emails a day. What makes an executive open one email vs. another? They have to stand out. Something has to catch the executives attention or they typically will just delete it. Studies show that a personalized Email will get a higher open rate than an Email without a personalized message. I asked my mom, who is an executive at a bank, how does she handle what Emails she wants to read. She said ” If I know the sender I open it. If I don’t I delete it most of the time, unless something in the subject line gets my attention.” I believe she is a typical Email user.

  2. If I was the one receiving the emails, I would not think twice about an email that is generic and not personalized. It is important to show the company that you care and are willing to put in hard work. By sending out a standard email, it makes the receiver believe that a bunch of other companies most likely got it too and that the person sending it was just trying to get it over with. If you want to catch their eye, it is important to have an engaging title so that they even open it in the first place. Also, try to relate what you say in the email to the people you are reaching out to so that it touches them on a personal level and shows that you genuinely care and truly do want to work with them.

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