Today, there is a big disconnect between consumers and companies with regard to social media priorities. In fact, consumers most want to read about deals. Yet, many firms place too little emphasis on this.

Take a look at these posts for some information on consumer expectations:


Disconnect Between Consumers and Companies

Now, we address the social media disconnect between consumers and firms. Because, the disconnect must be be understood. And it must be fixed!

According to Jennifer King for eMarketer:

“Marketers produce loads of different content types for social media platforms. But are their posts in line with their consumers’ preferences? In May 2018, Survata did a survey for Sprout Social. And it found social media marketers aren’t prioritizing the types of content that consumers want. And what consumers most want — not surprisingly — is value.”

“The Survata survey found that marketers prioritize posts that tell a story (58%). Yet, about one-third (37%) of Internet users said they wanted that type of content. Meanwhile, consumers reported wanting to see posts on potential savings as they scroll through news feeds. In fact, 72% said they want posts about discounts and deals. Yet just 18% of marketers said they prioritize that kind of content.”

“In May 2018, Bizrate Insights conducted the eMarketer E-commerce Insights Survey. The results? Nearly three-quarters of Internet users consider discounts or coupons important or very important. Whenever they make digital purchase decisions. And younger consumers are the most likely to place a higher value on the offers.”

Consider these findings from the Sprout Social study. It further highlights the disconnect.

Disconnect Between Consumers and Companies

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