Obviously, social media greatly affect firms. And Macy’s social media superstars represent a key way to connect with customers.

According to Tenfold:

“As social platforms have grown in popularity, so too has the importance of building an effective social media strategy. With one click of a button, companies have direct lines of communication to millions of consumers and potential consumers. While it’s now functionally easier than ever to reach people from all corners of the globe, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to connect with those people; it’s an important difference that many fail to grasp.”

These prior posts exemplify the extent of our coverage of social media:


Macy’s Social Media Superstars

According to Patty O’Dell for Chief Marketer:

“Turning employees into social media superstars is one of the hottest trends to build authenticity and trust with consumers, while having some fun at the same time.”

“Now, Macy’s is the latest brand to recruit its own store employees as influencers. Interested employees began applying earlier this month to be part of the Macy’s Style Crew program. The chosen ones use their own social networks to reach their fans with videos, produced by both Macy’s and video platform Tongal, all around Macy’s products and services.The videos are shared on the employees social channels and housed at the Macy’s Style Crew site. Visitors can view employees showing off a wide range of products from bathing suits, to linens, to private-label fashions.”

To promote its social media superstars, Macy’s runs a new site  called Macy’s Style Crew:

“The Macy’s Style Crew is a community of our very own colleagues who are passionate about sharing what they love most about fashion and style. Browse their content below or follow #macysstylecrew on social media to stay updated on the latest trends!”

Click the image to check it out.

Macy's Social Media Superstars

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