As we posted last year, the Fourth of July holiday remains a big deal. Below are two infographics on Fourth of July fascinating facts.

What will YOU do this Year?

PLEASE BE SAFE. Drive carefully. Be careful with fireworks. And do not overeat.


Infographics with Fourth of July Fascinating Facts

From WalletHub:

“Fireworks and freedom: That’s what America does on the Fourth of July to celebrate the country’s birthday, established with 56 founding fathers’ pen strokes on the Declaration of Independence in 1776. We also eat a whole lot of hotdogs: 150 million in total. We make a toast or two to freedom and good old Uncle Sam, shelling out more than $1.5 billion on July Fourth beer and wine. And we travel, with a record 44 million of us planning to venture 50+ miles from home this year.

So even though July 4, 2018 marks America’s 243rd birthday, there’s still a lot to learn about this red, white, and blue anniversary.”

Fourth of July Fascinating Facts



Fourth of July fascinating facts

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