Have you ever developed a social media marketing strategy? Many companies say yes. But, in fact, some of them are on social media. But they don’t necessarily have clear goals and/or a well-designed plan.  So, let’s cover building social media marketing strategies. If you don’t have a good social media marketing strategy, the tips below will be a big help.


Background on Building Social Media Marketing Strategies

Last year, we presented two posts on how to utilize social media checklists. Such checklists help us to think about social media marketing a systematic way.


Tips for Building Social Media Marketing Strategies

The company Tenfold provides CRM (customer relationship management) solutions. In addition, it writes about social media marketing strategies.

According to Tenfold:

“As social platforms have grown in popularity, so too has the importance of building an effective social media strategy. With one click of a button, companies have direct lines of communication to millions of consumers and potential consumers. While it’s now functionally easier than ever to reach people from all corners of the globe, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to connect with those people; it’s an important difference that many fail to grasp.”

The following infographic provides four tips about Building Social Media Marketing Strategies. The content and images in the infographic are from Tenfold. The infographic was adapted and prepared by Evans on Marketing. Click the image for a larger version.

Thanks to Tenfold for allowing us to use the content and images.


Let's cover building social media marketing strategies. If you don't have a good social media marketing strategy, the infographic will help.

19 Replies to “Building Social Media Marketing Strategies”

  1. With our generation, there are so many more opportunities to market through social media. I believe this strategy of creating a social media marketing plan first is a good idea because we tend to take advantage of how easy it is to access social media. The SMART goal list is an intelligent way to gage your marketing goals. The rule of thirds is also a great way to attract customers to your social media marketing. I had never realized that making your social media all about your product would not be an effective way to market.

  2. This is a fascinating post. For companies in this new tech world, social media marketing may be a necessity. However having a strategic plan like the article says is crucial to reach effectiveness, following those steps.

  3. I think this is a really inspiring post! In the modern society, the social media are taking more and more time from out everyday life, so it is really effective to do promotions. I learnt a lot from the post!

  4. It is crucial in today’s world to have a strong social media presence. Almost everyone is on social media and we use it as a means of communication, gathering news and sharing with others. These tips are a step in a right direction but in order to catch the attention of youthful social media users the account must be authentic. When I say authentic I mean that it should seem like any other account that you may be friends with; most do not want advertisements in their face while scrolling through their feed. However if you can disguise this advert in a cleverly written tweet it will catch more attention from a younger audience. Companies such as Wendy’s has done this with twitter posts that are humorous, clever and honestly seem to be tweeted by a 20 something year old. That is a more efficient way to get your brand out there, shared by others, and the only reason I know this is because I don’t have a twitter but still see their posts shared all over.

  5. The wedding venue I worked for in Maryland had a horrible marketing strategy. The photos that were used on social media and their website where grainy, blurry, and were not taken from an attractive angle of the venue. If companies simply planned a few details out and had consistency with their brand and their marking/promotion, consumers would easily trust them more often. It’s such a shame that some companies think they’re above planning and they think of themselves as too tech savvy to have someone help them.

  6. Obviously, social media plays a crucial role in not just marketing but consumerism as a whole. It is nearly impossible for a new company (without already having popularity) to gain clientele without a social media platform or an online presence. However, I think the most interesting part about marketing on social media is the strategy that many clothing, makeup and other beauty-related companies have adapted of paying internet stars (youtubers, instagram models and other celebrities) to utilize their product in their online content. Similarly to product placement in movies, companies will pay these celebrities to feature their product, hoping their fans and followers will therefore want to buy it. For example, if you look at Kylie Jenner’s instagram account, almost every single post is promoting some sort of product, whether it be a new line of sneakers she’s wearing (and has conveniently linked in the most) or a new nail polish she “loves”, or even her promoting her own lipstick brand on instagram, getting the word out. I think it’s ingenious because there are so many susceptible minds that will think, ‘if Kylie Jenner is using it, I must buy it so I can look like Kylie Jenner’. It is marketing strategies like these that make social media such an important platform for marketing in this day and age.

  7. I find this really interesting, how social media platforms became a money maker for individuals with a large follower base on their accounts. I agree with the steps needed, and I think time is the largest factor, because any account with constant posting of relative content will accrue followers due to the ever expanding amount of individuals with active accounts. This would be a wise investment of time for students and such that have the time to create these accounts to possibly generate an income through social media influence.

  8. It’s no doubt that social media is more and more important in today, no matter for the companies or for the consumers. More and more people get used to the social media that provide a chance for the companies to have one more option to promote its company and product. The company with high focus and detail plan in social media, mostly would be easier to be succeed.

  9. In my opinion, social media is the most important marketing tool there is. Social media is also a lot more complicated than most people think. There are so many tips and tricks that make certain forms of social media successful or unsuccessful. Also, as stated in the article, it is important to appeal to a customer by using social media to relate to them, not necessarily by using social media to shove images of a product in their faces.

  10. Undoubtedly, we can not ignore the important role that social media plays in today’s society. Relying on social media, companies have more opportunities to promote their products and service. Thus, it could help build strong relation with consumers.

  11. In China, social media always connects with business. Public Relations can post advertisement there, or the key opinion leader can bring the new shopping trend. Also, it is much easer to enter the market than before. Therefore, influential strategies can really bring benefits.

  12. I really enjoyed this post because recently I made social media pages for the company I work for. I made them a business Facebook, a twitter, and a Instagram. In the first step in the post I pretty much did for twitter. I wanted to hit 50 followers with the first month of creating it and researched ways to get a companies twitter popular to the desired audience. I think its different for each social media platform. I was nervous for the Instagram because I found it the hardest one. A week ago I posted the first post on Instagram and my boss really liked it and even though it doesn’t have a lot of followers yet, after the post the number of people following grew!

  13. This post is super important and relatable to today’s society because it is nearly impossible for businesses trying to start up or be successful without having an established social media and online presence. Even I will admit to searching up a restaurant, store, or any business before going there. Usually, if they are not online I will not go there because I like to know what to expect. Social media is without a doubt the most important marketing tool a company can put to use. I found this pot really informative because right now I am trying to help my Father’s business of over 40 years first establish a successful online presence, in order to boost sales. Strategy and product placement are two very important aspects when deciding how this online presence should be distributed as well. So many consumers today will automatically read or view a post that their peers have shared, and this is why companies should be aiming to spread the word online as best as possible.

  14. Social media should almost always be in a companies marketing strategy in this day in age. A couple good posts that go viral could be the difference maker between big success and big failure. Many brands, such as ESPN, have begun to speak w emojis and captions specifically geared towards the younger generation. This makes it easier for those following to relate.

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