Does YOUR brand creep out customers ? Obviously, that is not a good business practice. Due to the questionable practices of some firms, we’ve at looked at various related topics. And these include:

Furthermore, as marketers we realize that consumer perceptions of “creepiness” matter. Even if we think certain tactics are OK. Thus, today we consider “creepiness.” And we take a consumer-oriented vantage points.


Does YOUR Brand Creep Out Customers

In today’s marketing environment, we must be careful to not “creep out customers.” But first, what does this mean? And do companies always know when they do this?

As Serhat Pala reports for Inc.:

“All brands are encouraged to connect with their customers on a deeper level. But, as you strive to keep ‘touching’ your customers, you should also ask yourself: ‘Is my brand being creepy?’ According to the 2018 CX Trends Report from InMoment, it might be.”

That study queried 2,000 customers and 1,000 brands about various customer experience topics to ascertain where companies and their clients are diverging when it comes to customer experience. The No. 1 trend: ‘Personalization can get too personal.’ Defining ‘creepy’ as brands ‘causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease,’ the survey noted that 75 percent of respondents said they find most forms of personalization that brands use to be at least somewhat creepy. Furthermore, 40 percent of brands admitted they knew they were being creepy with people’s personal information, including tracking what they buy, places they visit online, places they shop in person, and other such info.”


Click the image to learn more. And to see what may be done to reduce creepiness.

Does YOUR Brand Creep Out Customers
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