John Lewis is a British retailer that operates department stores, home goods stores, supermarkets, and online and catalog businesses. Each year, it starts the Christmas season early. Let’s look at holiday advertising 2017: John Lewis features Moz.

Two weeks ago, we posted about Building Social Media Marketing Strategies. This is a more “fun” post.


Holiday Advertising 2017: John Lewis Features Moz

For Christmas 2017, John Lewis features Moz the Monster. It is described below.

As reported by Alexandra Jardine for Advertising Age:

“This year’s much-anticipated John Lewis Christmas spot is the story of a huge, friendly monster who hides out under a child’s bed and becomes his best friend. The story concerns Joe, a little boy who first hears the snoring, farting monster under his bed and crossly puts up a sign on his door saying “No Monsters Allowed.” However, he comes to be friends with the seven-foot creature, playing with him every night — although when his father looks in, all he can see is Joe alone in his bed.”

“The nighttime fun takes its toll when he starts falling asleep in class and even during a soccer game. On Christmas morning, he finds a badly-wrapped gift under the tree — could it be from the monster? It’s a night light, which has the miraculous effect of making the monster disappear and letting him get some sleep — although he can still get his friend back in a second by switching the nightlight off.”

John Lewis posted a YouTube video on November 9, 2017. Within 10 days, there were well over 8.2 million views! Here’s the video.


In addition to the video, John Lewis operates a dedicated, interactive Moz the Monster Web site. Click Moz’s image to create your own monster, play with the monster, and take a selfie. This is really fun — for any age group.

Holiday Advertising 2017: John Lewis Features Moz. A fun campaign.


8 Replies to “Holiday Advertising 2017: John Lewis Features Moz”

  1. This advertisement was absolutely adorable, and the interactive monster maker was even cuter. It seemed odd that the product featured made the boy’s monster friend go away just so he can go to sleep (even though the monster showed he understood that the boy needed to sleep). I feel like they could’ve gone another route and not have the boy lose his friend. Other than that, the ad and the attached Moz the Monster maker made the company seem family friendly as well as with the times.

  2. I think that the reason the company went with this advertisement was to appeal to children. Too often, department stores put out holiday ads that only appeal to an older demographic. If a child sees this ad, they will associate the company with the friendly, Moz the Monster. Additionally, John Lewis provided the monster maker on their website, which will definitely draw in more individuals to the company. Adding this fun element to their website will entice people, and eventually lead them to wander on the main website and make purchases.

  3. It is a cute and touching advertisement. An annoying monster becomes the boys’ best friend. The music is lovely, and the tone is warm and fun. Moz has gone finally, but it could be a beautiful memory for the boy. This advertisement may also want to remind us don’t forget your best friends and your happy time together.

  4. I thought this advertisement was very cute and really pulled at my heart strings. I personally was unfamiliar with the John Lewis company. I think they used this cute plot and little child because statistically females do the shopping in the family and when females see a cute little kid their attention is immediately drawn. Very smart on their part.

  5. It is a cute advertisement that match the warm phenomenon of Christmas. Kids is one group of people who are happy in Christmas. All the parents try to prepare the good present for them. With this ad, even though someone who don’t know well about the company, they may have interested in searching and buying Moz the Monster in the company because of the warming feeling for kids.

  6. That was a super cute advertisement! They did an awesome job appealing to children, who will remember the monster and potentially influence their parents to purchase the nightlight associated with it, and also to parents, who will remember the touching advertisement and the brand name associated with it. It’s a very simple story, but it’s also very memorable, so overall a very effective ad!

  7. I agree with everyone that the clip was very cute and touching. It’s always a good idea to create a fuzzy cute character that kids can attach to when viewing an ad. However, I think it’s kind of strange to depict a child’s possible issue of insomnia as something cute and friendly. The child’s trouble sleeping has affected his everyday life, like in soccer, and I don’t think this product should be advertised as a solution to something that seems a bit more serious.

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