Given the huge audiences for many Facebook video ads, more firms want to stand out there. These are two key goals. (1) Attract as many views as possible. (2) Be engaging enough to generate social shares. First Media Blossom is a small, highly successful player in this space. Blossom (part of First Media) mostly targets millennial moms and children. Its slogan is “100% original content to spark inspiration for your most creative self.” It is truly the viral Facebook ad king.

Please keep in mind that both Facebook and Google have new advertising rules.


First Media Blossom: Viral Facebook Ad King

So, how has First Media Blossom found the magic touch to get these results? According to Stephanie Paterik, writing for AdWeek:

“This spring, First Media Blossom posted a Facebook video that began with an image of women’s underwear. It featured seven ways for organizing clothes. The post racked up 382 million views and nearly 12 million shares. This made it the most viral video in Facebook history.”

“The account devoted to household DIY tricks for young moms has been climbing in popularity. It’s BuzzFeed’s Tasty to become a top 10 Facebook pags for views. (First Media Blossom gets 1.3 billion monthly views to Tasty’s 917 million.)”

So what’s the secret to creating insanely viral videos? First Media, which owns Blossom as well as So Yummy for cooking and Blusher for beauty, has a proprietary algorithm. It predicts — and picks — which ideas have the most viral potential. The company worked with data scientists to test hundreds of original videos. It then created a system to identify hallmarks of top videos and to actually choose which ideas are worth producing. The model saves time and money by bypassing the typical trial and error stage. And it gives employees a laser-like focus on results. Every video idea at First Media has to pass this two-question test: Why would someone stop scrolling to watch this video, and why would someone share it?


Examples of First Blossom’s Facebook videos

Here are two examples and a link to First Media Blossom’s Facebook video page.




First Media Blossom: Viral Facebook Ad King. So what’s the secret to creating insanely viral videos? First Media Blossom knows.
Click the image for First Blossom’s Facebook video page.


11 Replies to “First Media Blossom: Viral Facebook Ad King”

  1. Quick little videos are so popular on Facebook now. Marketers need to be creative enough to get a Facebook user to stop what they are doing and pick that video to watch. The videos created by First Media Blossom are able to capture your attention by providing information you can’t get anywhere else. They demonstrate the “life hacks” so you can absorb the information easier. Their videos are unique and that’s what separates them from the rest and makes them so successful.

  2. When I scroll through facebook, I tend to stop at videos like those by Buzzfeed Tasty. I have actually seen these life hack videos before and really do enjoy watching them when I have some time or just want to take a break from what I am doing. Short videos, like those by First Media Blossom, provide viewers with valuable information but stand out from other sources due to their efficient and captivating presentation style. The use of vibrant color, minimal resources and the “fast-forward” style in their videos keeps viewers engaged. This is especially important in today’s world where people are constantly getting inundated with new and even more exciting information, resulting in decreased attention spans.

  3. Facebook advertising is crucial for a company to attract customers. Many people, especially millennials, enjoy ads if they are short and entertaining. I often find myself scrolling through Twitter and Facebook feeds and stopping to watch a captivating ad video even if the product itself doesn’t interest me.

  4. Whenever I am on Facebook, it is impossible to scroll for a long time without stumbling upon short videos that people have shared, whether it be about an animal, how to make a specific recipe, or a news clip. Most of the time, I am not interested in these videos. However, the videos I do enjoy are videos such as the ones above by First Media Blossom about easy, DIY life hacks. These videos are always extremely appealing because it it amazing to see how creative people are to solve simple, everyday problems. It is very smart of First Media Blossom to use these videos to gain an impressive amount of shares because almost every person I know seems to love them.

  5. I can see why First Media Blossom has done so well with its video ads. The videos are sped up, colorful, and unique to captivate our attentions. I found myself very engaged in the videos to see if I could apply any tips into my own life. I assume that is another valuable aspect to the videos’ success; they are easily applicable to the viewer’s life. They may have a strong presence on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, but those two social platforms are losing their popularity. First Media Blossom should most definitely anticipate moving their videos to Instagram, or the next upcoming social platforms in order to stay on top.

  6. Facebook videos are a huge way to reach a target audience today. I can’t go on Facebook without watching at least three videos, just because they are being shared constantly and all over my newsfeed. I feel that it is really important for marketers to to be creative enough with their video to get the users attention quickly, even without sound because Facebook doesn’t play the video’s sound until you click on it. I think First Media Blossom does a great job of creating this video to catch anyone’s eye. Their ideas are great and they make the video simple enough so the viewer does not lose focus.

  7. First Media Blossom appears to know exactly how to get people’s attention. Their target market is pretty clear, they know who will be interested in the video, and its short enough to keep the viewer interested, and long enough to make the viewer want to see more of these “life hacks” while simultaneously making the viewer excited to try them. Facebook is losing popularity with younger generations, however, when I look at my feed it looks like the most active group are young mothers sharing pictures and updates on their children. With that said, Facebook remains a good platform if this is their target market. Should First Media Blossom decide they want to reach a larger group or different target market, they should consider getting their videos on instagram too!

  8. When I am scrolling through facebook or twitter, if the caption of a video grabs my attention and the video is no longer than a couple of minutes, then I am likely to watch it. First Media Blossom does a great job of labeling videos with names such as “Life Hacks” to entice the viewer. Short videos that are entertaining yet informative; no wonder their ads are viral.

  9. I think I can speak for everyone when I say as soon as I open up the Facebook app I am bombarded with different videos on my news feed. Whether it be “life hacks”, a cute animal or a delicious meal it is always there. This is a great way to grab consumer attention due to the mass population on social media accounts such as Facebook.

  10. First Blossom’s Facebook videos are the collection of useful tricks. The principle of the video is to help the audience to deal with the problems, so the audiences are willing to share the video. Besides, people think if they share the video, other people will have positive impression on them, i.e. regard them as smart people. Actually, there is another kind of video which is shared widely, athletic video. That kind of video always teaches the audience how to shape the body in three or five or ten minutes every day. The fact is that audience watch it, share it, download it and finally forget it. Anyway, the goal of the company is achieved.

  11. This is a very interesting article, because it is trying to teach us how to make a popular video that all the people want to share and watch on Facebook. Obviously, it also represent a huge market.

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