A fascinating subject for marketers is the concept of buyer personas. These personas are composite identities. They represent the types of prospects (market segments) that a business is seeking. This post covers a buyer persona building infographic. You should understand the possible types of buyer personas from which to choose. This is a key aspect of market segmentation. And it also helps us with database marketing, data mining, and data analytics.


Guest Post

We thank Andrew Dennis, Senior Content Marketing Specialist at Siege Media for the content below. We also thank Reuben Yonatan, Founder & CEO at GetCRM. The buyer persona infographic itself is from GetCRM.



Buyer Persona Building Infographic

Regardless of the industry, developing buyer personas is quite critical to business success. Buyer personas help to guide marketing strategy. They help sales personnel visualize prospects’ needs and challenges. And they provide a deeper understanding of customer behavior so you can deliver a better customer experienceHubSpot reports that buyer personas make Web sites two to five times more effective. Despite that fact, too many companies continue to ignore these valuable tools. Or firms avoid building buyer personas because they think the process is too complicated.

In actuality, creating buyer personas is as easy as following a recipe. GetCRM’s infographic walks through these simple steps, such as the following.

  • Prepare an ingredient list. Do this by collecting new information via Web site forms.
  • Check the pantry. Better organize existing customer data from your system.
  • Combine ingredients. Be sure to discus customer data with members of your team. This can pull out trends and common themes.
  • And a whole more!


Read through the infographic to learn you can craft your own buyer personas. There are many solid tips presented.


Buyer Persona Building Infographic. Read through the visual below to learn more about how you can craft your own brand personas.

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  1. The “recipe” for creating a buyer persona is very creative process. As the article mentions, I think companies often don’t put enough importance on the process. If more research and detail goes into this process, companies can target specific consumers who are more likely to purchase the product/service and use less money on advertising for people who don’t necessarily fit the target market.

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