Each year, Great Place to Work ranks the top firms for women. With this in mind, we review Women Career Options. Best Workplaces.

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Women Career Options. Best Workplaces.

In brief, Great Place to Work used this process for its 2017 rankings.

“[Above all, we] surveyed 400,000+ U.S. employees. And we ranked firms based on four factors.

First — Key Work Metrics. We analyzed how women rated their firms. We examined 50 metrics. They included ethics, respect, benefits, and support.

Second — Comparison to Colleagues.  We compared women and male colleagues. In addition, we looked at data which show women lag their peers. These include access to leaders and recognition.

Third — Consistent Experience in a Diverse Group.  we checked whether firms were great for all women. This was regardless of who they are or what they do.

Fourth — Balance. we considered how many women were in each firm. We looked at the workforce. And we reviewed executive positions.”


And according to Great Place to Work, these are best workplaces. Indeed, they all rank in the top 16.


At this point, click to access the full 2017 report. It cites 100 U.S. firms.

Women Career Options. Best Workplaces. Great Place to Work produces a ranking of the top 100 U.S. firms for women. Click the link in the post to access the full list.

8 Replies to “Women Career Options. Best Workplaces.”

  1. Honestly, it is a bit disappointing to look at this list as a woman because there are not many challenging jobs on the list. For example, Build-A-Bear and Wegmans Food Market can be jobs for uneducated teenagers. But on the other hand, it is good to see some business jobs on the list such as Ultimate Software and Goodway Group. Perhaps this gives insight to that fact that hopefully woman are moving up in the business work force since most business jobs are dominated by men. With time, women can only hope that the best places for a woman to work will expand.

  2. Having websites like Great Place to Work is a fantastic way to guide other businesses to possess similar qualities like the top 16 listed above that will attract more female workers. It can also be an indicator for certain businesses to improve on their present environment into a more fair, more efficient, and more comfortable environment. Furthermore, from experience in high school as a prospective female PT, I agree that the facilities under the Texas Health Resources are great workplaces to work in. The atmosphere, management, and boss ratings, I believe, properly reflect the business.

  3. I think the process they went through to come up with these statistics was definitely comprehensive and complete and it’s reassuring to see that many business comply with all of the factors; however, the mere fact that there is a list of business that treat women well means there is a list of companies that don’t. I think once the need for this list is defeated, that’s when the real success for women starts.

  4. The companies that are represented in the Best Workplaces is a pretty diverse list. Some of the companies you would expect but others were a surprise. I think Great Places to Work is a good resource that I would use when looking for jobs in the future. Having options about where women in particular are appreciate is an important factor for me in a future career.

  5. As a women pursuing a career in business, and specifically the accounting field, I enjoy looking at articles and sites such as these. Upon entering the workforce I would like to not have to think twice about equality, however In reality it is something I must be concerned about and aware of, as it continues to be an issue. As some of my peers have mentioned, the list can appear to be discouraging at first glance. Although, it is important to consider that retail stores do have corporate offices and are still legitimate businesses. I explored further down on the list and I was happy to see some of the big accounting firms on there, and many financial institutions as well as a variety of other companies from various industries.

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