Good social media analytics are essential if we are to properly assess our performance on social media platforms.

According to RazorSocial:

“In order to effectively leverage social media analytics in your organization, you need to implement repeatable processes that will enable you to consistently improve results. You also need to have the tools in place that make social intelligence possible. This is why we came up with the 4-step framework called ‘The Tower Implementation Framework for Social Media Analytics’ which details the critical steps to building a social media analytics practice in your company. The framework is brought to you by RazorSocial and Talkwalker, both recognized as international leaders in their respective fields. RazorSocial is known for its expertise in marketing technology, and Talkwalker has built a powerful social media analytics platform.”

Click here to learn more. And click on the infographic for a larger version of it.

4 Replies to “Social Media Analytics: A Tower Framework”

  1. It seems the four towers are critical to proper usage of this analytics system. I would think that in certain instances a company may be too aggressive or not think through the type of analytics needed and be too general in the usage.

  2. This is a great framework but I would like to add a feedback loop in the framework as well. Without feedback there would be no improvement in the reports that get generated out of the framework especially if the reporting is off of the repeatable processes.

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