What industries are trending upward and represent good opportunities for small business?

Weekly, MSNBC’s “Your Business” program:

“features experts to share their secrets for improving your business. Want your business to excel in new areas or thinking about starting an additional business, but not sure which industries are pushing forward? If so, here are five industries likely to see technology advancements courtesy of SmallBizTrends.com.”



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  1. There always advancements being done in technology. When you think there can’t be much more to be created, out comes the newest gadget that everyone wants. I’m excited to see what technology does for these five industries especially for health and medicine. Advances in that area can certainly help and save lives.

  2. This was extremely interesting. Batteries being number 5 on the list really surprised me. I would never think batteries would be a hot industry to enter. There hasn’t been a new mainstream battery that has come out in a while, so it seemed like the market for them had stagnated a little bit.

  3. I feel as though healthcare has always been somewhat of an expected industry for trend simply because of their demands that also are aided through the government.The most surprising industry to me hands down was batteries. I myself have neglected how important this technology is. The most interesting industry to pay attention to in my opinion is in 3-D printing, this is an expanding industry thats developing low cost productions.

  4. The healthcare industry is one that is always making improvements and innovations. Technology has come a long way and a lot of people are alive because of it, including myself. I’m really impressed with the 3D printing industry. It’s pretty cool that we can basically print anything in a matter of seconds.

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