There is a lot of career advice out there, especially on the Web. But how about getting some good advice from the superstars of business?

As Julie Bort notes for Business Insider:

“[2016] will bring your share of troubles, issues, and setbacks. But it will also usher in a heaping load of opportunities, experiences, and victories. To help guide you to make the most of all them, here’s 16 pieces of fantastic and thought-provoking career advice from 16 successful people for you to try.”

Click on the image of Sir Richard Branson to see a slideshow with 16 pieces of advice from highly successful people.


23 Replies to “Superstars Offer Career Tips”

  1. I absolutely love hearing words of advise and to hear them from successful individuals really motivates you to strive towards your goals in life. The one tip that really struck me was from Facebook’s COO and it was “don’t let fear stop you.” For some reason I thought in depth about it and applied it to my life. There are many times where I have been afraid and not pursued something, but let me tell you, that stops now.

  2. All these people mentioned in this article on Business Insider are successful for many reasons. All these successful people have useful tips that any person can use and incorporate in their every day routine. As someone who wants to be just as successful as some of these icons, it’s nice to look and see what these people have to say.

  3. Once I heard a saying that successful people are the same while losers have their own failures. Compared to winners, I prefer to learn from the losers. Why they failed? What were the right things they did? What the mistakes they have made? And more importantly, try my best to avoid these mistakes happened to me.

  4. Everybody mentioned in this article are successful for many reasons. They all have unique qualities and values that they use with their knowledge. As they are very successful already anything they have to say will be considered a major key for us who want to be successful.

  5. Knowledge is definitely power, well at least thats one of the things that I got out of this article. I think hearing any advice from successful people is definitely something worth listening too. Their experiences in life definitely molded them into being the people they are today.

  6. All of the people that gave advice in this article are successful for their own reasons. Regardless, their advice is some of the best advice that I’ve heard. Its easy to tell people that they need to be good at something to succeed, its a whole other thing to give advice on how to stay humble and keep succeeding beyond what you thought you could do.

  7. I love reading quotes from successful people, it is often them saying things that should be common sense, but aren’t. Take, for example, Steve Jobs’ or Mark Cuban’s quotes in this article, you see them stating things as basic as, “pay attention” and “ask for help” but it is amazing how many people, even myself, don’t do those basic things. It makes a lot of sense why Mark Cuban would say something as fundamental as that, because even a basketball player cannot make it in the NBA if he can’t dribble, which is a fundamental skill. It’s the same in business and these all of these successful people echo that in their quotes, that if you work hard on your fundamentals, you don’t really need anything else.

  8. I very like and agree with Richard Branson’s mother ‘s opinion that regret is simply wasted energy.”The amount of time people waste dwelling on failures, rather than putting that
    energy into another project, always amazes me,” I always encourage myself never to emphasize what have happened. Just doing now, doing what you can do. No matter awards or failure, which both passed, and everyday is a new beginning.

  9. I am absolutely agree with that “a setback is never a bad experience, just a learning curve.” Sometimes we take efforts to finish a project, but have an unexpected outcome. It happens. But no matter it has a good result or not, we always can learn from that and gain more experience. It is never easy to achieve a goal successfully. Like what you say in the class, nothing is going straightforward. Business can go up and down, as well as daily life. BTW, it is quite interesting that Taylor Swift talks about self-awareness. I think she is very good at allocating human resources. She has friends who is famous in different fields, including musician, movie starts and fashion models. She holds activities to facilitate networking and helps friends to find opportunities for further development.

  10. This is a very empowering thing to read seeing successful people giving advice on how to make it in the real world. I really do think each and everyone of their advices are worth looking into and incorporating into our everyday lives to make us a better person in the work environment.

  11. Usually, 2016 should have another economic crash. But there are still some opportunities. I really think Richard Branson’s world is right. How could people know they can make it? Many people gave up right before the success. There is only one step from failure to succeed. To be a listener is very important. Listen to other’s ideas and think it over and over again that will help us a lot. Take to a lot of people is a good way to show yourself. Also, it is a good way to know different area ,culture, develop your communication skills, and even build your confidence. Actively make your job meaning is a good idea. We need to do things good before we think more about meaningful. We cannot make things meaningful when its wrong. Everyone knows Tyler. Tyler knows all about herself, so she really did a good job to be a superstar.

  12. In the article many renowned and influential figures are bestowing their words of wisdom to many individuals who aspire for more. Prominent people such as Mark Cuban states, “be the listener” which entails that knowledge and listening go hand and hand. Many people are willing to express the knowledge that they have gained; however, this is not the case because they have not gained the amount of success and experience that these individuals have obtained. These aphorisms that were stated hold true to my heart and I will forever instill and display these principles for many years to come.

  13. It’s nice to see that I already do the first two tips. I usually listen to others ideas rather than only putting out my own and making everyone else follow my ideas. I like to work as a team and find a way to incorporate everyone’s ideas, and the only way to do that is to listen. I also don’t worry about my failures because they have nothing to do with what’s going on in the present. As long as I’ve learned from my mistakes, I find it easy to move on and focus on the task at hand. The rest of the tips I could all improve upon but I’m still young and nobody’s perfect.

  14. My favorite tip was in the first slide where Richard Branson states “don’t waste your energy on your so-called failures.” I think thats something crucial to anyones success growing up with my father constantly trying new business ventures despite some of them not working has made this a standard to live by. Being in a class setting gives you background knowledge for venturing out on your own but only going through an experience yourself can serve as a real lesson. I also believe this goes hand in hand with the fact that “You can only do what is right for you.” You can’t simply think that something that works for another person will work for you as well. We must find our own paths and use advice as a helpful guide to get to where we want to be

  15. Everyone in life has their ups and downs. It is as it sounds no one is perfect and life is not perfect. The people in the post had their moments where they were in the need of the confidence and were able to find it one way or another, which in my opinion proves to everyone that anyone can get through tough times. Hearing these motivational words from them I think is important, because they would not be where they are now without going through tough times. The fact that they share their experience and their motivation should mean a lot to us, and we should take something from it and put it towards our daily lives, to try to get as successful as they are.

  16. I think that this was a great article with a lot of insightful advice from some very successful people. Some of the great advice I thought was to ask for help and to know yourself. Both of these things I believe are important for our careers in the future and important life lessons as well.

  17. I love what Richard said “The amount of time people waste dwelling on failures, rather than putting that energy into another project, always amazes me,” I totally agree that dwelling on failures is only wasting your time, you put a lot motion and energy to think about the things have already passed, but it’s in vain. put more energy and focus on the future could, you could have surprises.

  18. “Don’t let fear stop you” is something that I live by. As a member of WRHU, it can sound scary at first when you are told that you are going as a reporter to a New York Islanders game. I also like the quote where it says “The amount of time people waste dwelling on failures, rather than putting that energy into another project, always amazes me.” If one does not let go of the past, progression can’t be gained.

  19. I found this to be very motivating especially hearing advice from those are successful in their lives. Everyone wants to be successful, but the difference are those who go out and get it and those who just wait for success to come to them. Three that really caught my eye were “Ask for Help”, “Don’t Let Fear Stop You”, and “Be the Listener”. Sometimes we get so caught up on failing that we don’t strive for more or we are afraid of asking for help for the fear of being judged. Success is out there, but it’s just a long path of living and learning.

  20. The quote that was new to me yet sticks to me the most out of that excerpt was Becca Brown’s advice to “act as if.” This goes hand in hand with many of the other renowned figures such as Richard Branson in his advice not to waste time dwelling on failures and to rather take it as a learning experience. Act as if is a aspect of optimism that encourages composure through adversity, which is extremely necessary in any successful business environment.

  21. I think a lot of people assume that in order to have a successful career, you must always strive to the next level. This is not necessarily true. After viewing the slideshow, I realized that success comes with time. One thing that I got out of the slides is that its okay to fail. Its also okay to take your time to figure out what you want to do with your career, and not rush it. It is important to have a balance between your professional career and personal life.

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