Utilizing sound marketing communication practices is as important for not-for-profit organizations as for profit-oriented firms. There are many sites that cover this, such as Nonprofit Marketing Guide.com and “What Are This Year’s Top Nonprofit Communication Trends?” from Eleventy Marketing Group.

Here are some data regarding how not-for-profits are communicating today.

Source: Eleventy Marketing Group


Source: Nonprofit Marketing Guide


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  1. Nowadays more and more non-profit organization are using social media platforms to post information. Social media platforms is quite a good way since it is free and it is one of the most effective way to engage with the audience online. With more and more people are using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram everyday, posting information on social media platforms is very good to arouse attention of people online.

    By: Shi Tang (Flora)

  2. Now many profit organizations use cause-marketing strategy which is about cooperating with a non-profit organizations. The possible benefits include an increased ability to promote the nonprofit organization’s cause via the greater financial resources of a business, and an increased ability to reach possible supporters through a company’s customer base. Apparently, this is a method that can bring win-win to both parts.

  3. It makes sense that non-profits use more social media and online resources such as websites for their advertising strategy. However, I’m surprised that mobile apps are the second to last least important strategy. Almost all companies have an app and I feel like a non-profit would benefit from an app so that they could send updates directly to your phone rather than through an e-mail that most people won’t read.

  4. I feel like more non-profit organizations should use online and social media to try and garner attention. I also think that they should focus less on phone calls and T.V. advertisements since I feel that those are dying markets. Most people I know watch more Netflix and streaming websites than anything else. Most people only watch T.V. when there is a big sporting event on. Social Media is the fastest growing form of communication so that’s why I feel that they should focus on that more.

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