As we have posted before (for example, click on one more of these links: 12, 3, 4), a career in Marketing can be quite rewarding.

According to Kathryn Gill, writing for Forbes:

“CEOs may serve as the public face of  a corporation, but Chief Marketing Officers are responsible for the brand imagery with which consumers most readily identify. So how are c-suite-level creative forces compensated? To get a sense of what top tier marketing executives earn, Forbes worked with executive compensation firm Equilar and  studied the salaries of executives with the word ‘marketing’ in their job title at all publicly-traded companies in the U.S.”

Click the image for a Forbes’ slideshow of the highest-paid Marketing executives.


Take a look at this YouTube video on Chief Marketing Officers by


5 Replies to “The Evolving Roles of Senior Marketing Executives”

  1. I was blown away by the ridiculously high salaries of these marketing executives. While I had always assumed this was a field with a potential for wealth and the point far past financial stability, I did not realize that some individuals were making over six million dollars annually. Obviously this is not the norm or the type of salary one gets right after entering the field. However, if this is what can eventually be achieved through hard work and years of experience, then marketing seems like a solid career. It leaves me wanting to know more information about what it takes reach this status. I can only imagine how many hours per day one must have to put in at a office in order to earn such a salary, but it seems worth it. It proves that sometimes if you work hard enough you can live with a security blanket of millions of dollars.

  2. The income of some marketing executives were beyond my imagination. It is a very important field, because marketing is what introduces the company’s brand to consumers and other stakeholders. If the CMO fail put a brand imagery which is compatible with the business’s aim, then the business is unlikely to be successful. So, the executives have to work hard enough to build such an image an improve it over the time.

  3. Although i guess that these marketing executives always can get a high salaries, i still shock with so higher ones. However, i think there is a positive relationship between earning and hard work. so maybe these executives deserve so high price, about all, they do the hardest work that make customers perceive brand imagery consistently.

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