Instagram is rapidly gaining in popularity. In 2012, about 13 percent of U.S. adults were utilizing Instagram. Today, about 30 percent are using Instagram (extrapolated from Pew Center data).

So, given the growing popularity of Instagram, more companies are using the site for marketing purposes. Who is doing best?

Consider this list of best business users of Instagram from HubSpot’s Lindsay Koliwich. We are citing HubSpot’s top five. To see its full list of 16 firms, click here:

  1. WeWork — “It provides shared office spaces in cities and countries all over the globe — so it only makes sense that they should post a lot of photos showcasing their beautiful office spaces.”
  2. National Geographic — It “posts photos from contributors traveling anywhere from large cities to the Arctic to small African villages. It’s built an enormous following — 42.4 million followers as of this posting — and established themselves as one of the very top Instagram brands in the world.”
  3. Coca-Cola Argentina — “Coca-Cola’s social media presence is impressive across all the social platforms. friendship, and sports. The brand’s personality comes directly from this: ‘It’s happy, playful, friendly, refreshing, and all about sharing and having a good time.’ Take a look at how Coca-Cola Argentina uses Instagram to celebrate that personality and that target audience.”
  4. Frooti — “Here’s another brand that uses Instagram to showcase a distinctive personality. Frooti, the largest-selling fruit drink brand in India, posts images that are so unique and so consistent that anyone else posting similar content might be seen as a copycat.”
  5. Frank Bod — “This Australian body and skin care brand has one of the best presences on Instagram. Their products are coffee-based, so many of their photos include models covered in their product, which basically looks like coffee grounds. This is their signature play on Instagram, and we love how they make fun of themselves with photos.”



9 Replies to “Companies Doing Best on Instragram”

  1. When I think of Instagram, the first thing that comes to mind is “social life.” Images of college kids at parties, old friends vacationing on an island, etc. It never occurred to me that this entertainment application could be used in a professional aspect as well. It does make sense, given to appeal to a younger demographic visuals are the best approach. Pictures of an office space for sale or beautiful cities around the world are far more likely to capture attention than a paragraph ever could. I believe this is a solid marketing technique for major companies to get their point across in a compact, attractive format.

  2. I have been using instagram for very long time, and in the recent years I have seen many companies promoting their business and products through instagram. For example my food companies, clothing stores.This is not only creating awareness, but also people are becoming inclined to go to their website and order something, or going to the store to buy the amazing dish which they had seen in instagram. So, using this platform is helping corporations to expand their business.

  3. Because Instagram (and social media in general) is rapidly becoming more popular among consumers of all ages, it would be foolish for companies not to take this opportunity to promote their brand. I was not surprised that National Geographic was on the list, since they have a lot of followers, and even have their posts sponsored by Instagram. This means that this advertisement shows up on every Instagram user’s feed. I think that this is a successful tactic, and more companies/brands should take advantage of this opportunity.

  4. I feel that companies using Instagram to market their product or service is a great idea. Many people already use Instagram on a daily basis and Instagram also now offers options for companies to market there product directly to a user without the user even having to follow them. I feel that Instagram is still steadily growing in popularity and will only get popular. Many companies are already advertising on Instagram with great success so I think other companies should join them as well.

    1. Instagram is a great way to advertise for a company. Every-time I go on Instagram, random companies like Coca-cola, Walmart, or any company that is very popular too the average population will be displayed on every account to advertise the company and makes the viewers add their account page to their profile. The companies post fun photos of their products and sales to help pull the viewers in to liking their products.Social media is opening many doors for markets and companies to increase their sales and consumers.

  5. Instagram has undoubtedly been really strong social media tool these days. I have never used instagram for my personal use but I started using it last year when I took over all of it’s social media account. It is so cool, interesting and user friendly that it didnt take me long time to master it and I have seen tremendous response from our followers that it was really amazing to see how our events marketed via this tool started generating higher crowds.

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