Do you want to be a better leader? If yes, take a look at these leadership tips in the form of quotes by prominent  executives as compiled by the National Retail Federation.

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NRF Quotes

4 Replies to “Quotable Career Tips from Business Leaders”

  1. The quotes attached are all very inspirational and relevant, especially in the business world. I think Jenny Ming’s quote, “You can’t always be right. Admit when something is not working,” is especially relevant in companies. It’s essential for companies to have good PR, and admit when the company messes up, rather than blaming the consumers. If a company doesn’t admit to their mistakes, consumers are more reluctant to trust the company. This can lead to a decrease in sales.

  2. I really like these quotes. I live by quotes because they can be so inspirational. My favorite quote on here is, ” The more you make other people successful, the more successful you will be.” -Mindy Grossman. I think this is a great quote for any business to follow because you are only as strong as your weakest link. If you want to become successful, you need to make the people helping you in your company become successful as well.

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