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Today’s post is by David Campbell, who blogs about customer service trends for ClickDesk live chat and helpdesk software. He is an active freelance writer and his other interests include organic SEO and growth hacking.


This is the holiday season, and if you are in the online business (especially retail), you know this is the high time for you as people are searching for good offers and as their wallets are full they don’t take much time before they convert.

There are a few things that every potential customer will look at before they decide if they should convert or not. This includes the quality of a product/service, price comparisons, extra discounts, customer service, and more.

But honestly, if all things are constant, one thing that not only wins the customer but keep with you for a longer period of time is the customer service.

ClickDesk is a Live Chat software that help businesses provide better customer service to audience on the website. They recently created an infographic that is a sure help for E-commerce businesses who are looking to increase business sales.


Click the infographic to read more, including “Did you know that December 18th is now known as Free Shipping Day? “

Optimize Customer Service for Holiday

4 Replies to “Last-Minute Tips for Maximizing Online Sales”

  1. These are really useful tips about customer service. I once used social media to ask question about certain products. After several days, I still didn’t receive the reply from them which made me feel disappointed, and I didn’t want to buy that product then. If they could reply their customers within thirty minutes, it will definitely improve their customers’ satisfaction, thus increasing the sales.
    Personalization also becomes a popular method to improve sales. Stores like Adidas, New Balance, and Things Remembered have the option to add customers’ initial on their products. Customers may think customized products are more unique than normal ones, and they are more willing to purchase such products.

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