The Innovation Group at J. Walter Thomson Intelligence has prepared a dynamic video preview of its predictions for 2016 events, as part of its roundup of 100 trends to focus on in 2016. The full report will be published shortly and we will post it here. 🙂


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  1. I think its hard to predict what trends are going to become big, especially in such a fast changing society. I am not saying that it is impossible to predict these new trends, but it does seem a little unrealistic.

  2. I wonder how they made this video. Even though that this video is a prediction, 2016 is not even here yet. In today’s age the second something new comes out, someone out there is already creating something better. Technology is changing so fast that trends can’t really be predicted. Well of course it can, but not accurately. It will be interesting to see if any of these predictions will come true.

  3. This video is very interesting because they are trying to predict the trends that are going to happen in the future. I think it’s almost impossible to predict what trends are going to happen on the future because of how fast the world is today because of the technology.

  4. Some of the predictions here provide a good perspective on how things will be shaken up in the next year. Rapidly advancing technology has proven time and time again to surprise us with new, innovative tools that might change the way we run things in our daily lives.

  5. I agree with everyone who has commented on this video, society is such a fast changing thing, it is hard to predict what will actually peek everyone’s interest. I really enjoyed this video and thought it was very eye catching. Initially I was confused because I was not sure exactly what The Innovation Group was trying to say was a trend in the future, but then I realized that every image in the video was a prediction.

  6. I like this video because it is introducing what they might be promoting in 2016. Of course there is new technology and new medical information coming out. One thing that is very interesting would be any new foods that they come out with. I am Italian and I love to eat pretty much anything around. I do appreciate the high definition and how the center their focus on what new things may be happening. Its always interesting to see what item or new technology makes the top ten for 2016!

  7. Overall I found the video to be quite intriguing in terms of highlighting future market opportunities and trends however I generally feel it was to based in surface level short term trends rather that more societally shifting deeply rooted trends. For example when I watched the video I saw a lot of fashion, food and tech trends begin shown however I did not see any clips relating to the internet of things which I believe will be one of the most influential societal innovations in the near future. On the other hand I do like that the video featured infrastructure innovations, an area that is frequently overlooked.

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