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  1. This is actually a really good list of rules for shoppers to abide by! I am definitely too generous when I go shopping for people I love, so I need to keep many of these in mind. I think my favorite is the “don’t buy anything that isn’t discounted”. I never really thought of this but its true–people don’t realize that during this time of the year, absolutely everything is discounted! I always think I have to wait for black Friday or cyber Monday, which of course is the case if you want the “best” deals–which aren’t so great anymore–but you can still get a deal somewhere, somehow. I will definitely not be settling for anything full price this holiday shopping season, even though i’ll still be waiting for Black Friday’s online sales!

  2. As a retail worker of 3 years, these rules could not be truer! All of the items that you are planning on buying on Black Friday, I can assure you, the prices are reflected on online sales. There is no reason why consumers should be camping out or stepping on each other to get an item that they can also get online for the same price. Also most companies now offer free shipping for the holidays. As someone that does most of the marketing for my store, I have seen how the company plays around with the prices to make it seem like you are paying less and getting a better deal but in reality it is the same sale that was being offered two weeks ago, only manipulated. These easy tips will help you save tremendously!

  3. This is a great list full of helpful tips and guidelines to not be easily persuaded. I dont normally go crazy looking for sales but if i catch a deal thats hard to pass up, ill go with it. I have worked in retail for 5 years and I can definitely agree that many stores can honor price matches, sales, etc. During the holidays, retailers become very lenient towards their policies to make shopping smooth and the consumer happy. For someone who spends alot of money and has no boundaries when it comes to shopping, you should set some limits or print this out to help you remember what you should and shouldnt do. Happy Shopping!

  4. This is great tips for shopping. I am working 4.45 am on black Friday and its going to be crazy because we are already having big sales at Lord and Taylors. The funniest thing is that they even raised the employee discount to get the employees to start to spend. My favorite bullet on this article would have to be the one that you can compare prices online and they can match the prices. I did this for the first time a few weeks ago at Walmart and it was great because I saved 10 dollars on the same item I found for a cheaper price on amazon. Enjoy all your Christmas Shopping

  5. Great tips for holiday shoppers as well as myself. Most people wait till Black Friday to get the best deals. However, today I was at the mall and I was getting great deals from a variety of different stores. I also want to point out the key point of the snobbish part of not wanting to shop at Wal-mart. I bought a pair of Beats by dre for $130 and at a variety of different stores, they were priced at $200. Wal-mart got me the best price and I was very pleased with my purchase.

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