24/7 Wall St. is a very useful site about which you may be unfamiliar. It has articles across all areas of business, top ten lists, and a lot more.

Here’s one interesting area in which 24/7 Wall St. reports:

“Each year, 24/7 Wall St. identifies 10 American brands that we predict will disappear, either through bankruptcies or because of mergers. Bankruptcies of large public companies in 2015 have already exceeded 2014 totals. Similarly, the total value of mergers and acquisitions is projected to hit a record high in 2015. While some of the companies on this list may disappear because they continue to be at the bottom of their industry, some may disappear because they are doing well. Over the years, some of our predictions have been better than others. Some of our predictions — like Alaska Air — have been dead wrong. Other brands we said would disappear — like Aeropostale — have survived but are still failing companies. Blockbuster, DirecTV, American Apparel, and Sony Ericsson are among the brands that have gone bankrupt or have been acquired since appearing on our list. These brands have not yet disappeared completely, but may still in the near future.”


And here are some specific examples of what 24/7 Wall St. publishes:


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  1. I think it is interesting that 24/7 is able to thoroughly examine a company and determine whether it will be able to survive another full term. A lot of the companies mentioned on this list were doomed to fail. Blockbuster, for instance, was a doomed business when technology shifted. The company failed to project the changing demand in the way consumers wish to watch movies/tv shows. Actually, a lot of the companies on this list fell victim to a changing demand that their corporations failed to meet. I guess it is untrue when they say that a company has all the power, it is actually the consumer. To think that we have the power to bring about a companies downfall is interesting.

  2. Looking through the 24/7 Wall St. website, I found there to be many interesting articles and lists. The one that caught my attention was the “10 Brands That Will Disappear in 2016,” as I was curious to see what businesses have been struggling as of late. I find it interesting the changing demand of consumers in a wide-scale, as brands I would pass by frequently, such as OfficeMax, Sears, and Pacific Sunwear of California are struggling or unable to adapt to this changing consumer demand. As always, when visiting an unknown site I feel it is necessary to know who manages the site and how many people operate it. When looking at the “About Us” tab it is clear that those who run this site are credible. I feel this can be very helpful in looking at emerging, declining, or simply interesting markets.

  3. I haven’t heard of 24/7 Wall St. prior to this article, so I find this very important. A site like 24/7 Wall Street consistently monitors the news and data to provide relatively accurate predictions. It writes about companies that do well, such as Starbucks (which has opened almost 1677 new stores), and companies that are on the decline. 24/7 Wall St. predicts 10 brands that will no longer be prevalent in the United States based on bankruptcy and potential mergers. This website is probably correct, but they are still only assuming. There is no concrete proof that these companies will loose their brand name.

  4. I found this article so interesting as companies that I walk past or even occasionally shop at are predicted to close within the year. It was interesting to read stores that are failing are still surviving, which made me want to see what other companies 24/7 Wall St. predicted to also fail within 2016. These are popular stores that people my own age shop at, like American Apparel, so it is very interesting to read how their business is failing after just filing Chapter 11. The website also shows how they hope to keep at least 100 stores open into the new year, so it will be interesting to see how their fate plays out. This website is a very helpful tool for consumers to educate themselves further on the fate/educated predictions of companies they commonly walk past or even shop at.

  5. In today’s day and age, it is so common to see companies file for bankrupcy or businesses failing in general. This trend seems to be increasing also, and even the article states that in 2015 there have been more filed bankruptcy in large public companies than 2014, and the year isn’t even over. I find this to be very interesting, and also beneficial information to examine for ourselves and our future. Wall St. 24/7 offers a lot of valuable information in the category of failing business, and it is definitely a valuable website for us all to take advantage of.

  6. Before reading this blog post, I was unfamiliar with the site “24/7 Wall Street”. I was specifically interested in reading the “10 Brands Predicted to Disappear in 2016”. I found myself shocked by multiple companies on the list, such as American Apparel, PacSun, and Office Max. These are stories that I have always been under the assumption were booming in the industry. American Apparel and PacSun are two stores that I regularly shop at. They are both relatively affordable stores in my opinion, and both keep up with the latest trends. Being one of the only office supplies in the country, I assumed that Office Max would never have an issue surviving. I am curious to see how the fate of these three companies plays out in the coming year.

  7. After reading the list of the top ten companies that will disappear in 2016, I tend to agree with many of their predictions. Some of the companies, like American Apparel and Radio Shack are way past their time and have too many issues with the companies to stay afloat. My opinion is that the internet is taking a toll on a lot of these companies, forcing them to go bankrupt. But, considering I am a shareholder in the company, I am excited to see the statistics on Starbucks opening up new stores and predicting growth.

  8. Good Website. It gives an overview on what is happening in business for those that dont have the time to necessarily read entire news articles each day. The list of companies that will gone in 2016 seems correct. However, i noted that some companies are not here anymore, such as US Airways and A &P. Another thing I would agree with is the disappearance of the Smart car. The concept is good, but many Americans i feel dont like the small car, even if it saves money and time looking for parking spaces. I will most certainly pass this page along and share with my peers.

  9. i personally found the 10 brand that will disappear in 2016 article interesting. American apparel makes sense considering they have been doing really bad in this fiscal year. I was surprised to see pac-sun as one of the 10 brands since i was a customer who shopped their quite often. They recently shifted their style which deterred me from the store. I can see it impacted other shoppers as well if their sales aren’t going as well as expected.

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