10 Replies to “A Nice Slideshow on the New World of Business”

  1. Business is going to change in the future; everything does. Technology will make work faster, easier, and possibly less stressful. As people get more done in less time, company growth should surge forward. I’m looking forward to seeing the new workplace in the years to come.

  2. I thought this slideshow was interesting, because it shows how complex the business world is rather than being simple and straight forward. Technological advances have greatly contributed to the new world of business. Eventually, humans will become almost useless for work and innovation. Machines and digital information will be all we need.

  3. I found this slide show to be very interesting and informative. Technology is continuing to become more advanced and smarter. It will be interesting to see how much work can be done by machines in the years to come. The use of machines in the business world could help improve accuracy and profits tremendously. I also thought the slide that said “We expect more” was interesting because our demand is constantly changing and we are always wanted more and expecting better products from businesses.

  4. Technology is always advancing. With technology advancing, other things will also be affected, including how the business world operates. Consumers demand is always changing and technological advancements have a lot to do with that. Businesses can operate faster and become more efficient with the use of technology.

  5. This slideshow is very interesting and is very true. The biggest thing on there to me is technology, as past people have mentioned, technology is advancing and taking over. I strongly believe that someday we are just going to have robots all around replacing cashiers and other jobs similar to that. It is a scary thought that computers are becoming our world and how dependent we are on them.

  6. The main thing that I get from this slideshow is that everything is changing, and we need to keep up or be left in the dust. The one thing that I don’t really like about the slideshow is that it’s clearly made to be switching around while someone talks about it. Since the slideshow lacked audio, it seemed a little more random than it should have been.

  7. Everything in our world changes and it changes it quickly. Technology advances everyday and we always have new gadgets being made and being adapted into our lives. Its crazy to think that one day machines will be taking our spots. I actually would never want to see that day. It scares me because jobs will begin to disappear and I feel like there is no need for that.

  8. This slideshow was very informative. Only in the last 10 years have we really seen an advance in technology. It is very interesting to see where machines will be in the next 10 years with the way technology is advancing. I also feel that in the future there will be little for humans to physically do, due to the machines and computers that think and do thinks for us.

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