As we have noted through several posts (click here, for example), self-branding is an essential tool in one’s career toolbox.

Here is a detailed infographic on self-branding by Seth Price of Placester and Barry Feldman of Feldman Creative (hosted at that offers more for you to think about.



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  1. The alphabetical breakdown for personal branding helps people develop a well-rounded self brand. Following these 26 points may result in recognition and greater opportunities. I think that authenticity is most important, because a successful employee is true to oneself This person will realize any weakness, and will work towards creating a stronger self brand.

  2. Just printed this out in preparation for our upcoming show on ” Self-Branding: Why We Need It-How We Do It” – Sue

  3. Thanks for sharing this. For international students like me, this outlined a clear and brief instructions about what is self branding, where to start and how we should manage all the tools. Still there is a long way to go. Thanks very much for the guide and vivid introduction.

  4. This was an interesting article. It’s pretty much a map to good self branding. It was very clever and creative the way the author came up with 26 alphabetical points. It’s must have been hard coming up with the last three letters.

  5. Thanks for posting. This is a valuable article for self branding. It is really hard to follow the way and keep doing, like the article mentioned: you need to start a blog,once you do, there’s no stopping! For example, you think you are a person who is good at dressing and this can be your strength in the future to impressive others. The essential way to prove your talent is Don’t Be lazy anything you show up in the front of people and keep spending time on it until people recognize you are this kind of person! Then you may get a chance to relax a little sometimes. Continuity is never easy, which also explains that why success people always that few.

  6. I like this alphabetical breakdown of self branding. These are 26 main points that would help people make themselves known. I like “Join” because it is teaching you to join groups and to get involved. Most importantly, it is telling you to make your presence known which is extremely important in self branding.

  7. The graphic of the alphabetic breakdown of successful self branding is definitely a very helpful tool, if you know how to use it. For example, B-Blog and L-LinkedIn. Promoting yourself as a profession is a tough task. You have to truly understand what is appropriate to post in blogs, social networks, and especially on your LinkedIn. If you can use all of the tips in the alphabetic breakdown properly there is little to no chance of failure because this pretty much covers it all.

  8. This breakdown is a very helpful guide to use for a successful to successfully self brand. My Public Relations professor also suggested a blog and LinkedIn as key tools to use while trying to promote oneself. I find this alphabetical breakdown very helpful and I will use it to guide me in my future career path.

  9. This guide to personal branding is very helpful and covers a lot of the key aspects to self-branding. Some of them that stood out to me were: Help Others, Influencers, and Voice. It is important for us to not wait for the opportunities to come to us, but find ways to be helpful and make ourselves useful. Surrounding ourselves with influential professionals is also a good idea, especially when it comes to networking and establishing connections. I also agree that we should develop a voice and stand out because what we say is important, and especially how we say it.

  10. This is a nice list to give after the assignment we had to do in class. While our assignment focused on what we needed to improve on, this list gives many ideas on how exactly we can improve on those qualities. I especially like the descriptions for those ideas.They make it clear what the point of each suggestion is in order to innovate one’s self-branding and how to do it effectively.

  11. I really like this outline of self branding. Coming from High School DECA, I had to practice multiple points here and had the opportunity to practice marketing myself. One point that I think is important is networking. In this generation networking is one of the top things going on around us, it is important to get out there and get to know people around the world, as well as locally and you can see yourself going further.

  12. This infographic does a great job of pointing out the finer nuances of personal branding. A few key points that got to me immediately were the ones about creating a blog and your brand over time, tapping into the emotions of the audience and networking via LinkedIn and discussions online. Though these are a lot of points, people should start with a few and continue to add the remaining points in their effort towards self-branding.

  13. I think the alphabetical breakdown is extremely beneficial to students. People assume they know what branding is when they hear the word, but I bet most people wouldn’t know all the steps listed in this chart. Although all of the things mentioned are important, without networking yourself, you will be limited and not have many options. As sad as it is, in today’s society it is all about who you know.

  14. There were a few points that stood out to me from these 26 letters. I now understand how important is to have a personal blog and to keep focused on who you have been representing yourself to be so things don’t get blurry and you are connecting with the right people. Another thing most students don’t take serious enough is how important the look of photos you put up are especially on sites such as LinkedIn.

  15. It’s a very interesting article about self-brand marketing. It lists 26 alphabetical points to guide people market themselves step by step. I am very interested in “M” media because it plays a very important role throughout the process. Since our life now is heavily depending on social media, how to maximize the use of media and how to control this influence seemed big questions we faced. It can be used to delivery brand image into customers’ mind directly, but, customers might also doubt your brand due to gossip very fast.

  16. It is a very useful tip for student like me to brand my self before going to a job interview. it also can be seen as a checklist that making sure you will do most of the things to prepare yourself. I believe if I can meet most of what the list mention about, I will be certainly different myself with other competitors during a job searching process. So thanks for sharing.

  17. Thanks for sharing us this. Make me very deeper thought. To learn is easy but to keep doing is hard., The article tells us that we need to start a blog,once you do, there’s no stopping! It’s a good chance to practice our perseverance, especially for we International students. The language problem is always there, it cannot be an excuse. Continuity is never easy, which also explains that why success people always that few. Lets start for the bottom.

  18. Thanks for sharing both this 26 alphabetical breakdown and Self-branding: why we need it -how we do it handout in class. Both of them explain how self-branding works in a detailed way. I am very interested in B-start a blog and I think is a good example of self-branding blog.

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