We’ve written a lot about the importance of self-branding as part of the career development process.

Here are some more tips. These are from Alexia Vernon (a career expert), writing for Careerealism.com, and relate to positioning oneself when seeking a promotion. Vernon offers six hints:

  1. Under promise, over deliver
  2. Be an intrapreneur
  3. Work on your internal company networking
  4. Balance short- and long-run thinking
  5. Do not be negative in any way
  6. Be your own advocate

Click the image to read Vernon’s discussion about these tips.


3 Replies to “Better Positioning Yourself for a Promotion”

  1. Self-branding is an important capability, especially when going on a job interview. You are essentially selling yourself to the interviewer, trying to persuade that person to “buy,” or hire, you. While under promising and over delivering may ultimately be a better tactic, you must find a balance between under promising and underselling. Otherwise, you will not progress in your career. You still need the opportunity to over deliver.

  2. Really awesome tips in my opinion. So often we think in either long term OR short term when we should be thinking long term AND short term. I think a positive attitude goes so much further then one realizes. If you are always complaining or stressing out you not only project that negativity onto others but you actually make your problems appear worse! Also you have to be your own advocate. No one will ever be able to advocate yourself as well as you will be. Also, I am not so sure on the “under promise,” part because I think you should consistently over deliver if you are seeking a promotion but maybe not under promise- to me that just sounds like giving people an excuse to undermine your ability.

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