Macaroni and cheese is a big seller in the United States. It tastes good and makes for a relatively inexpensive meal. But isn’t mac & cheese a pretty boring product?

Not according to Kraft, which has devised some clever TV ads. They are funny and make the point as to how irresistible mac & cheese can be.

Kraft even has a YouTube channel devoted to macaroni and cheese:

Here’s a current ad running on TV and featured at YouTube.



8 Replies to “Yes, Mac & Cheese Ads Can Be Clever”

  1. Commercials like these do appeal to a person’s sense of humor, which makes them more willing to rewatch it or tell others to watch, but doesn’t really make everyone who sees it want to eat Kraft Mac N Cheese. It entertains people, and might make them want Mac N Cheese, but it could easily raise the sales of Annie’s just as much as their own. Besides, demand for Mac N Cheese doesn’t really need that much of a boost.

  2. This is so great. Commercials that actually have to do with the product are so rare in today’s media driven world that it is refreshing to see an ad centered around their product. My mom has been working for Kraft food for about 5-6 years now and I may be a bit biased, but Kraft never lets me down. Mac and cheese is a product almost everyone loves, and this commercial shows that and also the idea that it is a product for all ages.
    Well done Kraft, you’ve done it again

  3. What an awesome commercial! Television commercials, and internet pop-up ads are annoying. People don’t like to watch them, and I know for me I record all my shows so I can fast forward through all the commercials. Other companies should take Kraft’s approach and make them more fun to watch.

  4. I believe that the best kind of commercials are the ones that can make people smile and forget that this advertisement is interrupting their tv show, movie, or video and this one did just that. I think it was very effective to use multiple generations and the montage style kept it interesting. Certainly not the greatest commercial i’ve ever seen but next time i’m in the mac-and-cheese aisle I will probably remember it!

  5. People remember commercials when they can capture a person’s attention easily. Kraft did an excellent job with this commercial. Even the song in the background was consistent with what was going on in the commercial. Mac and cheese doesn’t seem like such an interesting thing until it is put into a humorous commercial such as this one. This was definitely very interesting and did a very good job of making people remember the commercial and Kraft mac and cheese.

    1. I am a huge television watcher. But I do try to TiVo most of my shows so that I can fast forward through all the commercials. The reason is most commercials are very long and at the end I’m not even sure what the commercial is about and what product it is promoting. I liked this one because it was only 30 seconds and got right to the point. The commercial is really cute and funny. Commercials that are funny I will be more likely to remember the product and so when I am shopping I will remember to buy it. Kraft mac and cheese did a good job!

  6. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve had macaroni and cheese, but if someone were to ask me who makes it, Kraft would be the only company on my mind. Commercials like this one ingrain themselves in your memory with their humorous situations. Consider, for example, when the father ruins his child’s macaroni project in order to cook the macaroni. He is either a terrible father or he just loves macaroni! That is something you’re going to remember, which is exactly the purpose of the commercial. Brand recognition is extremely important for companies, and Kraft is able to achieve it with this commercial.

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