How would YOU answer these questions raised by City & Guilds?  “What makes young people happy in the workplace? How do they see themselves progressing in their roles in the future? And who or what inspired them about their careers? Our infographic has the answers.”


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  1. This British perspective infograph provides an interesting take on career happiness for young people. 63% of 18-24 year olds are happy with their jobs, and feeling appreciated is as important as making money. Although making money in a career is super important here in the U.S., it does make an employee feel good when their boss appreciates their hard work. At my job, I was responsible for reorganizing our file system for student employees here at Hofstra. I was given a raise, but hearing my boss saying she loved the work I did made me excited to go to work every day.
    I was not surprised to see that 1 in 5 young people have 2 or more jobs right now. More young people are stepping up to help their parents with expenses, or paying their own expenses. I feel this number would be the same for young people in the U.S.

  2. Well, if I am given two jobs, one is what I like but I will get less money, and one is that I dont like but I will get more money. I will choose the latter one and after I earn enough money, enough for me to not consider money is a problem any more. I will quit and start to do the job I like. I feel in real world, only few people could do what they like and most people just do it for living. I mean, there is no right or wrong. You have to eat, to live, to transport. And if these basic living requirements cant be fulfilled, personally I would feel so unhappy. You always need to be a grandfather from being a grandson. Oh, one more thing I feel very interesting, its nothing about this topic. But i feel like ” you cant get a job, because you have no experience; you have no experience, because you cant get a job!” LOL. just saying

  3. When growing up I always was told by adults that I should like what I’m doing not just make money. They said that no one told them that when they were young. I think today so many of us looking for jobs or are fresh in the job market really want to love what we do and clearly that’s proven true in the chart. Making money is important but clearly it’s just as important to be happy. When I clicked through to the site I also saw that 42% of young people think that industry- specific training and apprenticeships to secure their dream job. I think this is really important because I feel that sometimes thats the best way to learn your industry and it frustrates me when I feel that some of my classes are not as applicable to my future jobs as my internship.

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