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  1. In this technologically advanced world, it is no surprise to me that social media sites have impacted dating and relationships. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are important sources for people to gather information about possible dates, ask someone out on a date, and communicate with them or their friends and family. I am surprised to find that only 30% of recent daters say they have used social networking sites to get more information about people they are dating. Additionally, I am surprised to find that 15% of recent daters say that they have asked someone out on a date using a social media site. I would have thought that more people “Facebook stalked” their potentially dates and that less people actually got asked out on a date through social media. I don’t really see anything wrong with using social media sites to keep in touch with or learn more information about those you wish to date. However, I do not approve of the way some people use social media to end a relationship. I strongly feel that any break ups should be done in person.

  2. It comes as no surprise to me that 41% of 18-29 year old and an average of 30% of 18-49 year old recent daters have used their social media network to gather information about people they are interested in dating. I actually find it rather disturbing that 52% of recent daters have asked someone out by calling them and that another 37% of recent daters have asked someone out by texting them. I agree with Sarah in that asking someone out and breaking up with someone should be done in person, I understand that at times it might be difficult but it should still be done in person. Although the percentage of recent daters that have broken up with someone via email, text message or online message (17%) is much lower than that of starting a relationship, it is still a large percentage. It makes sense that 18-29 year old recent daters have a higher percentage than other age groups in posting details about dates online and in checking up on someone they used to date or be in a relationship with using social media networks.

  3. Online dating is a great way for people to meet or connect with someone they might not have had the chance to do so in person, however I think there is a point where too much communication is done through technology. It’s one thing to friend someone and see what he or she is interested in, but it is important to have conversations and make memories face to face. Also, breaking up with a partner through social media or texting is awful! It was interesting to read the statistic about couples sharing pictures and posts of their dates. I see a lot of this on my news feeds, but I think that blasting a personal date night for the world to see takes away from the romance of the night. With all of this technology available to us, some things in relationships are over-shared. That being said, I am not at all surprised to see that the majority of these online daters are between the ages of 18 and 29. This age group has the need to constantly share every second of every day with their followers.

  4. I’m surprised that the statistics are so low for most social media users, especially in the category of people ages 18-29. As a member of the age group between 18 and 29, I definitely use social media to engage in the above listed activities frequently. I’m not surprised, however, that women engage in most of the activities more than men do. Reading this infographic out loud to my friend, he expressed that he typically did not do many of the things listed. Also, something that surprised me about the infographic was that people who have been in a committed relationship for less than 10 years are considered to be “recent daters”. I think that married couples that have been together for 9 years can hardly be called “recent daters.” Maybe that is why the statistics appear so unusual-because the group that is being referred to is slightly abstract considering the topic of the infographic.

  5. I feel like social media could be a blade and sugar in terms of dating. Nowadays, people could easily find someone they are interested in and get to know them by adding them as friends and then go over their profiles, pics and status so that they could actually feel or “analyze” the personality of their targets and make some actions. However, social media indeed has led to some break-ups because the convenience social media provides. It is too easy now to get connections with others through social media. Another problem that social media has created is what I would call “malfunction of connecting to people in real world”. I have personally met a lot of people who have suffered from this problem. They are very active, voluble, humorous and attractive to others on social media. They could easily talk to others, tell them stories and make others feel so cozy. However, in the real world, when they actually SEE people face to face, they are being very shy, nervous and even don’t know where to put their hands. They start to be afraid of reaching to people in the real world. I think some people, not all, really need to go out and touch the world instead of staying behind the screen and stalking others.

  6. The first thing in this infographic that really caught my eye is how couples that are married less then ten years are considered to be part of this study. I would assume that people who are married and people who are single and looking would be in two separate categories while discussing relationships and technology in America. I believe that if the married couples were to be removed from this study the results would vary greatly and the numbers would most likely increase in all categories. Regardless, knowing the common trend among society towards technology it is not surprising that technology is now intervening in relationships.

  7. I am not not surprised that so many people have asked people out, flirted, maintained long distance relationships using social media sites. I am also not surprised that most of the people that are part of these studies range from ages 18-29. These people that spend almost all their time on the internet, and cell phones, so why not flirt or ask someone out using these devices. This is a good and bad thing in my opinion, good because this helps people that might be a little shy and nervous when they first come face to face with a stranger. By using social media or texting you get to know the person a little more, and you know what they are interested in and what they like. This is a bad thing because it takes away from the funny awkward moments, or the funny 1st date memories. It is like you have been going out for a month and you still haven’t seen each other. One last thing, whoever breaks up using social media, texting or even phone calls it might be easier for you at the time but it hurts soo much worse for that person getting the message. In my opinion it is one of the worst things you can do to someone.

  8. I think online dating is fine if it is done in the correct manner. Social media websites can now be used to find people and meet someone who you could potentially be in a relationship with. The only problem with online dating is you never really know if the person you are talking is who they say they are. If relationships start from a social media website I think that is fine because majority of people today are constantly using sites where they can find people to talk to, however, I think breaking up using a social media website is the wrong thing to do. Start a relationship online but don’t end it that way.

  9. In today’s society technology has become and intricate part of ones’ life including social and increasingly more, one’s romantic life. I personally encourage the use of online dating for many reasons, one of which being the fact of its a way to truly get to know an individual’s personality through a medium without outside factors such as attraction. However, this can also backfire if one puts on a fake persona for the use of attraction with the intent of harming another. I believe that online dating and social media should be used for the initial connection point, but from that point the relationship should engage in activities such as Skype or FaceTime, or simply a telephone call to reaffirm one’s beliefs about an individual and more importantly protect oneself.

  10. I am not very surprised by these statistics, in fact, part of me would have thought they would have been even worse. Our society is totally technologically driven. So much to the point that not having a social networking site would be deviating the norm. The briefing of a social networking site, like someones Facebook page, allows for the individual to “pre-screen” their date. If they don’t have one of these sites, perhaps they are not normal? A huge part of the dating game these days also includes technological communication via the computer, phone, and texting. Much of this communication even being through social networking sites.

  11. It’s not surprising that the dating scene has transferred online through social media. I am somewhat surprised that most people who online date are 18-29, the age where most are out working or hanging out. Nowadays it’s typical of teens and young adults to look through ex’s social media to see what’s happening in his or her life. Online dating can get as complicated and heartbreaking as the show “Catfish” which I’m sure is something everyone wants to avoid.

  12. I think that the idea of online dating with always have a tarnished image. To me, it seems like a last resort. At least that’s the vibe I’ve gotten since dating sites started to appear.

    Nowadays, it seems like dating sites are being marketed differently. They seem less “last resort” and more “great opportunity”. From the commercials that I’ve seen, they stress how online dating can help you build a meaningful relationship. Personally, having a computer tell me who I am compatible with is not my cup of tea. I would much rather come across someone in real life, and build a relationship from there.

    One stat on the info graph that surprised me was the number of people 18-29 years of age dating online. I think that shows us just how the perception of online dating has changed. Young people are buying in much earlier in life.

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