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  1. In China, Ma Yun, the former CEO of Alibaba, who just retired recently, is definitely a legend and THE person has and will keep changing the way business being operated. He realized the future of e-commerce and started Alibaba. And now, Alibaba has created sales miracle one after one. Ma Yun even forecasts that in 10 years, e-commerce will completely replace the traditional ways. What even is more amazing is that his college major was English. However, he started Internet company without knowing anything about Internet technique.

  2. The business decision that I saw in this article was the one by Johnson&Johnson, because it proved that the company truly cared about its customers. The safety seal was a genius idea that Johnson&Johnson created, and it protected many people in a time that they were worried about the safety of their pharmaceuticals. Especially in such a risky line of business, Johnson&Johnson made a brilliant decision to make consumers trust them more than any other company.

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