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  1. I think that this article from Entrepreneur.com poses informative and relevant data on the standard perception of IQ. I don’t find it surprising that people with relatively high IQ’s share the same positive qualities, but I am surprised that they share bad habits as well. It makes sense that people who are more intelligent are more likely to read more, expand their vocabulary, improve their writing skills, and enhance their problem solving skills. Additionally, it is not surprising that people who spend time increasing their intellect become overwhelmed with being the smartest or getting the best grades and therefore tend to be more consumed by anxiety. I think the most interesting statistics posed in this article are those that relate to an individual’s use of alcohol and drugs. It is evident that children who had high IQ are increasingly more likely to binge drink or use drugs. This surprising statistic counters what most people associate intelligent children with.

  2. This infographic showing the habits of the world’s smartest people is very intriguing. A few things that are obvious about the habits of smart people is the anxiety and binge drinking. People with extremely high IQ’s are constantly pushing their limits. They know they have the brain capacity to achieve anything they want and they will spend countless sleep deprived months a year doing so. Therefore, they become extremely anxious. Their only way out is through drinking. When they drink they become a different person. They no longer feel pressured to know everything. Getting drunk for them is a vacation from thinking or from “metacognition.” The levels of virginity are not surprising either. A smart person will think about the repercussions of sex. They are smart enough to value the risk of getting at STD or becoming pregnant in college, and decide to save sex for marriage. One broken condom can ruin the rest of one’s academic future.

  3. I think that this article does make sense in the fact that it shows teen sex levels and such. I mean it all does make sense, students with less high IQs do tend to drink more and most of the time tend to be more social which can lead to more sexual activity. Not that I think it’s positive to drink and be less knowledgable just to have sex, but i think it does show pros and cons of those who are book worms compared to those who do nothing. I think that people need to find a good equal medium between social and studious events to get a little bit of everything in life. It is obviously good to have knowledge but what does that knowledge do if you have no social skills? The whole high IQ thing in the beginning of the article wasnt a huge surprise to me either. Lots of their mistakes were as young children. Such as Beethoven’s drop out statistic at age 10. That long ago, something like that wasnt a huge deal and not all necessarily need school in order to be geniuses. In fact, an extraordinary genius shouldn’t need schooling at all if that smart!

  4. I found this article to be very interesting, in some respects I do agree with this article while in others I do not agree with it fully. I can see why one is most likely to achieve there goals if they tell there friends, in that your friends can be a good motivator to achieve your goals, in that they will be expecting you to accomplish it, that one tends to metacognition or in laymen terms think about thinking, and I can see that those with a higher IQ tend to be more anxious in that they apply more pressure upon themselves. However when it comes to drinking and drugs I do not know how valid those numbers can be in that teenagers in general tend to experiment with such things regardless of how smart they are.

  5. This infographic introduces many ideas about the habits of “smart” people, or those people with higher IQs than average. Some of the ideas are more obvious, such as the fact that smart people read more and that they are more anxious, but I believe that the most fascinating point that this article brought up was the percent of virgins at top tier schools such as Harvard and MIT. Is it because these students are too busy studying to be involved in an active social life or is it because the more intelligence a person has, the less attractive they become to others? Or the less attractive others become to them? It presents some interesting thoughts on the way that smart people interact with others and also how they develop as adolescents and into adults.

  6. This is a very interesting assessment of people with a high IQ. But, I do not believe this can be used to stereotype all intelligent people. I do not believe I have as high as an IQ as mentioned in this article. But, I do possess a lot of the above qualities. Although it might not be true for all intelligent people it is still very interesting to look at.

  7. I was surprised to see that people of similar IQ levels possess many of the same qualities, both the good and bad ones. I do however think that this article is a bit misleading. I think that there can be many cases where there is somebody with these character traits that has a low IQ, and vice versa. It is a very interesting assessment, but only really captures the authors perspective of Intelligence Quotient.

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