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  1. This is a really interesting tool! I helps you to realize strengths and weaknesses. And eventually you realize what kinds of things you need to work on as a person, employee, etc. As an RA I have to help residents all the time and I really want to bring this assessment to them so they can find out their strengths and weaknesses also. I think every college student should consider this SWOT. It may even help undecided students to pick a major once they figure out where they excel.

  2. This self assessment tool is very helpful! Many college students stress over choosing a major and what their lives will be like once they graduate. Most students do not take the time to think about what career is suited towards them, and their individual strengths and weaknesses. After taking the test, I realized I like working with people and would need to work in a structured environment. When I’ve worked on political campaigns, I realized how important it is to work as a team to get assignments done. Others who take this self assessment might realize they enjoy working alone and becoming their own boss from a self made business. Every student or even college graduate should take this assessment to see if a possible career choice would work with their intended job/career goals and pertain to their strengths.

  3. This infographic is really useful. Not only does the self-assessment help when you are going out for a job, but it could also help someone choosing a major in college. As of right now, a lot of people are still undecided. By asking yourself what you enjoy doing, what you want to get out of your career, and what your overall goals are, it really helps to narrow down your major choices. Also, when you distinguish your own strengths and weaknesses, youโ€™re able to see what you need to work on to better yourself as a person. Everyone should participate in this self-assessment โ€“ it can only help! Iโ€™ll definitely be saving this for future reference.

  4. The infographic above provides perfect questions for self assessment. Personally I feel that self assessment is extremely important when you’re looking to reach a goal. No ones knows you better then yourself therefore no one is more suited to critique and evaluate you then yourself. By answering the above questions honestly you can obtain an extremely accurate sense as to what you need to improve on in order to achieve success. Obtaining the knowledge from these questions is only the first step however. You must also take the time to work on your weaknesses in order for the self assessment to be effective.

  5. This is definitely a good idea for everyone to take. A self assessment asks you questions that you should be thinking about anyways. But, this makes you actually answer them and think about them. This could help you when trying to look for a job and see what your interested in or it could just help you be happier with your life in general. Either way, this is a good idea for everyone to take a few minutes out of their day and complete.

  6. These self assessment questions are very clever, yet surprisingly helpful. I feel like many college students today do not really know what they want to do after college. The students think ” I’ll make it work”, and as a result, they may not end up enjoying where they land in the future. If you have a few minutes, you should read these questions. They really open you up to yourself, and you must actually think about each question and how it relates to your own personality. It makes you think about the important decisions beforehand, piece by piece, instead of saying “I’ll get there eventually”. Plus, you learn a lot about yourself in the process.

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